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Half-Baked RP Game!

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Speak incomplete sentences.

Don't explain things.

Be random. (But don't deviate too much from the storyline)

Punctuation is merely a guideline.

I was walking down the road and was all like "oh yah."

Suddenly llamas.

Oh no

Plank of Wood:
bt then hte lamsa wree ala "k lal" and asekd uyo for banannsa.

Spell right, hard to read.

I gave it bananna, it said thanks.

Oh no whats that in the sky.

Alien spaceship.


Plank of Wood:
The space ship was blue.

The aliens were all like "Were going to take over the world"

and Will wright was all like "hell no" and called legions of Gamingstevers to attack it

Too fat to keep up with spaceship

I need to eat less chocolate


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