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This topic is your gateway to Gaming Steve's large collection of Meta-Games. The topic is broken up into four main areas, you can access each area quickly by clicking on the title of the section you wish to see. These four areas are Valuable Links, a collection of links that will take you helpful topics and other areas of the Storytelling & Roleplaying section. Next is Active Meta-Games, a list of Meta-Games that are currently being played and updated. After that comes Completed Meta-Games, a list of Meta-Games that have reached their conclusion and are no longer being played. Finally we come to Inactive Meta-Games, a collection of Meta-Games that are no longer being played due to inactivity. To help make navigation easier, each of these sections has been hyper linked below. Simply select an area from the table of contents below and you'll be taken there!

Table of Contents
Valuable Links
Active Meta-Games
Completed Meta-Games
Inactive Meta-Games

Just some other odds and ends. Since the Meta-Game scene moves much faster than the Role Play scene, I'm going to need help from the forum members to keep this up to date. When you make a new Meta-Game, please notify me (PatMan33) via a Personal Message. Also if I fail to add your Meta-Game, if you find a mistake in one of the lists, or if you have any questions whatsoever, please please please contact me and I will help you however I can. With that said, I hope you find this list helpful and I hope you enjoy yourself out there!

**7/7/08 LIST UPDATED**
The list has been updated. If you see any errors please tell me.

Valuable Links
Here is a list of links to various areas around Gaming Steve, just in case you've gotten lost or are somewhat confused.

Forum Rules
The rules that you must abide by everywhere on the Gaming Steve forum.
The Meta-Game Planning Thread
Got an idea for a fun Meta-Game? Post it here for everyone to see!
The Out of Character Lounge
A place where all of the Role Players and Meta-Gamers can chat about things that are happening in the Storytelling & Roleplaying section.
The RP List
Looking for the Role Playing section? You can find a list of the RPs at Gaming Steve here!
Spore Meta-Games
Not in the right place? Do these Meta-Games look a little off? Maybe you wanted to go to the Spore Meta-Game section instead!

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Active Meta-Games
Hey! Here we've got all of the Meta-Games that are currently alive and kicking! Most of them can be joined at any time, but make sure to check the first post just in case.

Clap If You Believe: A God Game
Ghostly Touch
Kaizer Saihu RPG
Let's Play UFO AfterMath - Discussion Thread
New God Game
The Invasion

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Completed Meta-Games
These Meta-Games are done! Nothing left to do but archive them! This is a great place to see how a successful (or lucky) Meta-Game is played.

Cutting up the World
Gaming Steve Productions
Gaming Steve Sim Cruise - Out of Character topic **56k Warning**
Gaming Steve Sim House - Archive **56k Warning**
Gaming Steve Sim House - Season I **56k Warning**
Gaming Steve Sim House - Season II **56k Warning**
Gaming Steve Sim House - Season III - Sim Survivor **56k Warning**
Kogan - The Dwarf Fortress Meta-Game!
Sim Caveman

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Inactive Meta-Games
This list contains all of the Meta-Games that are no longer being played due to inactivity or other complications. Meta-Games will be added to this list after a month with no new posts. Also, the list only includes games that have been inactive for less than six months. Anything that has been inactive for over six months will not be listed.

The Amazing Adventure
Civ IV - Stone Age
Dwarven Fortress Succession Game 3.0
Flamma Eterna
Life and Adventures of Burke the Trod
Mr. Wizard's Mount & Blade
Oviraptor's Government Game
Sim Caveman VI
The Virus

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