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The Merry Doodles and Sketches Thread!

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I dunno if this type of thread will work, maybe it'll be deserted in a few days...

but here goes:

I decided to make a thread where we can all post our drawings and artwork.
It does not need to be magnificent quality, just something you'd like to share.

Like this:

Go ahead, post!

Drawn in correlation with my sister. Basically, if it's drawn badly, I did that part.

Could someone teach me how to shade?

@ Kish, nice one, like the shadeing on the horse!

@ Patty, depends on what sort of shading you want to use. draw something with colours, so that we can decide. Like a t-shirt, always works.

Well I guess I mean like shadows... is it as simple as using a black pencil and slowly making it darker as you go?


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