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Art / Hanian, The Man of a Dozen Words
« on: April 05, 2009, 05:51:09 pm »
Hi, since writing has been a bit of a hobby for me for the past couple of years, and since there usually isn't a whole lot of incentive to get my written stuff typed out, I decided to post some of my shorter work here!(cue applause)

I have a couple of things already written that need to be typed, and I hope that some of you will find it entertaining. So without further awkward introducing, I present to you, A short Story!!!


It was a queer sight that much is certain. You see, my old job forced me to go across the Mendenburg River every day. To get across it I always used the small wooden bridge, it was old but you could drive 20 horses on it without showing any signs of stress. Now the Mendenburg River itself was strong too. So they complimented each other in a way. I remember that during the war, a group of foreign soldiers drowned when trying to cross the Mendenburg on horseback. I always assumed that was why the bridge was built in the first place.

   But, the queer sight I had mentioned was neither the bridge nor the river. It was, as it were, a man.  He was dressed in a tattered black cloak and was perched upon a smooth rock that jutted out from the middle 0f the river. He sat like a frog. The first day I saw him I was shocked. I asked him if he needed help and honestly didnt know what to do. I yelled over the rushing water, but his response seemed to pierce through the noise directly into my ears.

Im here to watch the fun.

After staring at the odd sight for a moment, I decided that it was just some strange man who had far too much time on his hands and not enough common sense. Im not heartless or uncaring, I asked him again if he wanted any help, but he didnt answer.  I was running late for work, so I left him there. But many hours later, on my return home, he was still there. Sitting on that rock like a frog, just staring attentively at either myself or the bridge. I asked him once more if he needed any help and again his childish voice pierced through the noise of the river.

Im here to watch the fun.

   Very quickly the black-clad frog of a man became a staple of my daily life. Day in and day out he would sit on that rock and stare. I actually began to find it more amusing than strange. I didnt know how he ate or slept, I assumed that he left when I was gone. I would even try and start conversations with the man, but he would always reply in the amusing childlike voice.

Im here to watch the fun.

No matter what I said, no matter how much I would try and goad him into talking, he would just say that, look me in the eyes, and smile.  For two weeks he simply sat on that rock, never changing position. I mentioned him to my wife and children one day over dinner. You see I had kept him a bit of a secret, but they all wanted to see the curious sight. So I told them to follow me to the bridge the next day to see the man. I had to ask myself whether or not it was a good idea to see a potentially insane man. I reasoned that no matter how insane the frog-man was, he was harmless. I went to sleep that night with a full moon staring me down and a bad stomach ache.
When I woke from my slumber, I found my wife and children dressed and ready to go. After dressing myself and eating a quick breakfast we were on our way to the bridge. After breaking through the edge of the forest into the clearing with the bridge, I was happy to see my black-clad frog man. He was still sitting on the rock.

I walked across the bridge and looked back. My kids were leaning on the rail with my wife behind them. They were excitedly talking amongst themselves and my wife seemed to be trying to get them under control.  I continued on my way to work, but I decided to look back at the man in the tattered black cloak. I was surprised to find him staring directly into my eyes.

Then I heard the sick moan that seemed to emanate from the bridge itself. It was quickly followed by a ear-splitting crack and a dozen splashes. Only when I heard screaming could I break my gaze with the mysterious frog-man.  I spun on my heels and the bridge was gone! I looked out to the river and saw my family being washed around the current, they were bobbing and being pushed down by the large chunks of bridge. They were screaming for help but I felt impotent under the gaze of the man in the tattered black cloak. I looked over to him and there was a devilish smile plastered on his face. Ive tried convincing myself that it was the sight of my family that made me sick to my stomach, but it was truly his smile. His voice pierced through the rushing river and screams of me and my family.  In that childs voice I heard the words that continue to haunt me wherever I go.

I came here to watch the fun.

When I looked back, it was too late. They were all gone, my family was all gone. I ran to the village, I had no idea why. The sheer terror and sadness I felt had propelled me all the way to my work. When I came to the river with others, the man was gone.  The rock was empty.

Nowadays I try not to think about the man or that day. I pour my life into my work now. Everyday I work as a bartender and have become quite popular. Im a step away from owning the place and life is once again stable enough. One of my waitresses walks over to the bar to complain about a customer that wont order anything.  I ask about him and she says that he sits strangely. When she asked him what he wanted to drink, the only answer she would get was,

Im here to watch the fun.

I felt a familiar stomach ache and my head swirled. The door slammed shut and I watched a candle tip over onto a curtain. The smoke began to quickly fill the room.
Im here to watch the fun.

(Comments are appreciated)

TV / Third Season of Top Chef !!!
« on: June 13, 2007, 09:47:30 pm »
Did any of you catch the season premiere of it? I'm usually not huge on reality shows, but my Dad made me watch a few episodes of it and fell in love with Top Chef. So after an awsesome first season and me mostly missing the second. I made sure to see season three. It looks like its going to be a great one too.

There's the usually ass of the group who thinks he's thr best, but unlike the other seasons he really is one of the best chefs in the group. They had a great celebrity judge come in for the episode and I was on the edge of me seat waiting to see who got kicked off.

So are any of you fans of the show and what do you think of the coming season?

Oh, and the best quote ever from the show,"Im not your bitch, bitch."

PC Games / Warhamer Mark of Chaos Problem
« on: January 21, 2007, 03:08:54 pm »
If any of you own this game then I'm hoping you can help me with a really annoying problem that I have.  It seems that the game doesnt have a skirmish mode!! I've looked through the single player section that has campaign mode, but there simply isnt a custom battle section. Its been bothering the hell out of me. Do any of you have any idea what the problem might be?

Movies / Pans Labyrinth
« on: January 18, 2007, 02:41:34 pm »
Have any of you seen it? I've seen the commercials for it and I want to see it so badly, but sadly I live in Southern Indiana where it hasnt started playing yet( and might not even play at all!!!). So for any of you that have seen it, is it good!!! It looks amazing and I would really like to know what you think of it.

Movies / Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny
« on: November 22, 2006, 08:02:56 pm »
Oh my God, this movie was hilarious. I just saw it tonight with my two brothers and it was funny through the whole thing. It was essentially a hilarious rock opera where * Kinda spoiler*Jack Black and Kyle Gass try stealing a pick made of Satans tooth to help them play better and win money for the rent. * Spoiler ends*

All inall I would reccomend anyone that likes comedy and music to see the movie, as long as you dont mind adult language. Has anyone else seen it? What do think it will be like if you havent seen it yet?

Spore: Roleplaying and Story Games / Kangor's Revenge/Succession OOC
« on: September 21, 2006, 06:39:21 pm »
*In Kangor's ship he sends a message to all of his allies, a simple message, but one that begins a new chapter in the galaxy's history.*

"You have your orders, now go and bring victory."

With these words, millions will die. Many more will be injured, but there will be none who will forget it.

Haldoran System

The night was quiet, the city peaceful, but a squad of Forthi bombers were about to leave a mark on the Empire that would last longer than any fire that the bombs could make. They dropped a precise payload on pre-determined targets, there werent many civilians killed that night, but the Royal family lay dead. All except for Sorake, he was unharmed by the attacks. He knew that he would be the new King, which Kangor was planning from the begining.

The people called for war against the Forthi, and war was declared. The fighting would be intense, especially with the arrival of a large fleet of Mercs, that were now accompanying the Haldoran fleet for no real reason.

And Sorake knew that his reign would be remembered for generations. How right he is.

Planet Juntaar

The Kangorian ships could barely hold back the wave of enemy ships. Most of the fleet was on patrol on the borders. As the Kangorian fleet fell one by one the planetary defences sprang to life. But the enemy ships wouldnt stop coming. All the ships were either Auyuelcliad or Mercanary. You could spot some Mechanical Kangorian ships in the thick of combat. But most were in an entirely different place.

Soon hundreds of thousands of troops were landing in the city, luckily the Kangorian troops would be able to hold them off for a while, but how long....


Jeeika Morr wasnt very excitable, but he couldnt help but be giddy after watching his fleet, which had a massive Kangorian fleet attached to it, Fire into Ulis. Round after round landed on the planets surface. The Yuminus Ships were trying to hold them back but they were failing. Luckily there is a large Auyuelcliad presence nearbye, that is the planets only hope at the moment.

But it was a dim hope.


No Forthi had seen this amount of rage in a long time. The Gorgians were surrounding themselves with incredible weapons that they obviously didnt make and were pushing the small amount of Forthi forces on the planet back.

It happened so fast too. One second the Planet was calm, and the next the whole planet was going crazy.

"Did you call in for back up?!" A Forthi commander asked.

"Yeah, but its going to take a while" the soldier responded

The Commander looked on at the ocean of Gordians, and realized that he would make it out alive. It didnt help that Ryndalian ships were suddenly dropping large groups of angry soldiers on the planet.

Yep, that Commander had a lot going through his mind, until a shot went through it.


Tsullist forces begin to position themselves in place for the coming war. Kangorian and Ryndalian ships follow in the Tsullist foces wake. The battle has just begun but it already looks grim for the Auyuelcliad Fleet. The battle continues raging, all the while the Auyuelcliad's seem to try and escape.

This battle will be a difficult one for both sides..

And the largest war to happen in a long time had begun. And back on Kangor's ship, he watched as his dreams unfolded. It was a grim day to be alive.

// *In Juntaars main communication room he speaks with Karzuur, the head of Metal3, about his most recent mission*

"Karzuur, have you found him yet? If he's not dead then we will be in very big trouble. Kangorians are naturally frightfull and terrified and the recent rumors are starting to worry them."

" Sorry, but I havent. I doubt he would make his presence well know to us. He is most likely in hiding, planning, waiting until we are weak, then he will strike."

"Damn, this is taking to long! I thought you were the best at this kind of thing. Oh well, just make sure that you dont get seen, your no where near Kangorian space and having some of our military in another races territory could lead to war if it goes bad, ok?"

"Yeah I know,.....Kangor, you knew him pretty well, didnt you? "

"Yep, I worked with him for thousands of years, you kinda get to know a person after that long,"

" So what was he like?"

"He was brilliant, easily the smartest Kangorian there ever was. He could bend the will of millions easily and could have made the Kagorians one of the greatest races in existance, if it wasnt for one thing."


"He was insane, simply put he was a madman with a taste for blood and total control. But enogh about him, I want you to get back to your mission."

"Okay, Karzuur out, oh and tell Tunjsan im sorry she has to bear your child"

"i could totally have you killed....."

"You wouldnt , im far too adorable"

and with an "im so full of myself smile" Karzuur turned off the link, leaving the screen blank//


*In a dank smoke filled room, a Kangorian and a Gorgian are talking.*

"So, Kangor was it? You are giving me quite the offer. But your also giving us an impossible mission. I hate the Forthi and the DUP that supports them, but destroying them would be impossible. We simply dont have the power do do something like that."

"Obviously you dont. But thats because your too simple. You and your race could never defeat the Forthi and DUP. Buts thats not what im saying, Im building a coalition unlike any that you could make. You would simply be a pawn in my game, but even if your a pawn you would be a pawn in victory.

I already have hired many mercenary armies. Their numbers are growing with every planet I stop at. Now im here to add you to my list of allies."

"You must be very wealthy to hire entire armies."

"Im not, but I made them an offer they couldnt refuse. When DUP is destroyed, they will receive many worlds as payment for their service. Im making you the same offer. You could control quite a few of the Forthi's planets if you joined me."

"Hmmm... I wish to know why you want to destroy DUP and the Forthi so much."

"Well, I really dont care about them. But I am doing this to kill Juntaar. And every Kangorian that supports him. The DUP supports Juntaar, so do the Forthi, thus I will make them all die. Now do you want revenge?"

"Yes, you have the Gorgians support, we want to help you destroy the DUP, and those damn Forthi will pay."

"Good, I will be leaving here in one hour, I suggest you do the same."


" A group of Kangorian assassins that go by the name of Metal3 will be here. It doesn't really matter how many guys you have here, if they fight Metal3 they will die. SO I bid you adieu, I will be coming into contact with you soon enough, and by that time, I will have the necessary forces needed to accomplish this mission."

*The Kangorian Leaves the room, content with his latest ally.*


The Gorgian leader Yivvy is boosted off planet after meeting with Kangor. His ship instantly goes into warp, heading to the homeworld of the Puyon vassal race. The ship he rides in is indeiscrete with only the markings needed to get through orbital security. Once through the security he is ushered into a backroom, similar to the one he just left. A very small creature sits in an elevated chair. The creature looks overall comical with a large cigar in his mouth.

"So," says the Puyon, "what's the news?"

"Just as i suspected. Kangor is going forward. He asked for the Gorgians help in the matter. Will you be able to support?" With this Yivvy looked up from the clawmarks he had been making in the table, directly into the Puyon's eyes.

"Maybe. I can't guarantee much, but support will be given. We want these bastards off our backs too."

With that Yivvy gets up and leaves the room while the Puyon stays behind chewing on his cigar.


*On a large Auyuelcliad Warship*

"So Casmut Tsull, its about time we met face-to-face. I've heard lots of things about you, I think you've caused just as much history as I have. I've already told you my plans for this Universe. So, how would you like to rule the Auyuelcliad Empire, and crush those foolish beings that labeled you a traitor?"

"At first I was enraged that a mere Kangorian would dare talk to me as if we were equals. But, after hearing your goals, and much you have done, I must congratulate you. My Glorious Auyuelcliad Empire would be all powerful and I would rule them all with an iron fist. How could I not join you, with a cause so riotous, how could I refuse. Although, while I've heard of them, I never really heard much about the Kangorians, what are they like?"

"They are...weak. While they build their military strong and increase their Empire, deep down the are weak. Its a race built on fears, Juntaar is doing all he can to change that, but as long as I remain, as long as I can be their constant boogieman, and as long as im remembered, they will fear.

So they will be an obstacle, but in the end they should fall."

"Hmm..well you seem like my kind of Kangorian, you can count me as an ally in our cause, together we can destroy all of our enemies! But you should go now, as you stated earlier your being followed."

*The Kangorian leaves the ship, all too content with himself after gaining a powerful ally.*


*In the Royal Palace Juntaar finishes a conversation with Karzuur, it ended with Karzuur stating that Kangor must be dead, a comm-link opens up when Karzuur finished his rant, and a very familier face appears.*

"Hello Juntaar, its been a while, hasnt it?"

"Kangor....... that you?"

"Why yes it is. Oh and before I forget, I would like to congratulate you on Loraat, her death will be sweet."

"What? You leave Loraat out of this!! Now why are you calling me? I'll just tell Karzuur where you are."

"Oh yes, Karzuur, it doesnt matter if I die, there are many Kangor's out there. All of them with the same purpose. Karzuur could hunt me down and in the end it would be meaningless. But I really called you to tell you how dissapointed I am with you. I mean, destroying my empire, undoing all the good I did the Kangorians, killing my troops, its all very deppressing."

"Yep, I guess I have done alot of good for this Universe, and its quite interesting having you linger on, trying fuiltily to try and regain what you lost."

" Actually, you are the one who is going to lose. If you thought that your little revolt could bring my reign down then you are very wrong. I leave you one message to remember.

You will die.

Now goodbye for now."


Kangor was uneasy. The coming war excited him, but there was still so much to be done. He had killed many Merc Leaders and had gained their armies. He had gathered entire races under his command. But taking the plunge into war was going to be difficult to work out. The initial attack had to be perfect, devastating, and it had to crush the moral of his enemies. His mind was so full of ideas that he forgot that he was in the middle of a meeting.

"Hello? Kangor? So what do you think of our races long and accomplished History?"

"Huh, oh yes, it is very interesting. But, do you think your race is ready to eliminate the Aluenean once and for all?"

"Well...yes, my race will support your war. I cant wait to kill our pathetic enemies''

"Good, this war will not be easy though. But seeing the DUP crumble would be worth it, you will here from me when the time is right. I suggest you leave this place too. This part of the Galaxy doesnt have any central authority so Metal3 will be moving at full speed for here. Now goodbye."

And with that another group had been swayed into joining Kangor's next war.

The Yunimius Holy Emperor had an illegitimate heir, the 16 year old arrogant Jeeika Morr. He always felt that his father's decision to attack Kangoria had been a major fault in his strategy, and is attempting contact with Kangor.

// Greetings, I am Jeeika Morr, the only true heir to the Ulis Throne! My father may have invoked your anger, and this is foolish, but my greatness will be able to help you. I was transported to the Outer Worlds during the end of the Second Ulinium War, and I have successfully gotten one planet under my control, and yet OTHER and DUP do not realize I own the planet Seductress. Then again, I have corrupted them. Just a small proof of my greatness. I have built up a fleet capable of retaking Ulis, but your goals are far greater. So Seductress stands behind you, and will aid in any way possible, for I know my strategies will not fail! //

*Kangor looks over the message he just receieved and ponders to himself*

"Hmm... taking Ulis would be a good statigic victory. It would also take out a major enemy race. One planet isnt much, but the fleet that he(or she) spoke of sounds promising. Although he(or she) is only 16 years old and doesnt know much of the Galaxy, this could still be a very beneficial alliance..

*He responds*

"I have looked over your message and beleive that your goals, in the end are similar to mine. You were correct in claiming that my goals went beyond yours, perhaps a benefit of age, but your immediate goal is important enough for me to give you my support. You shall recieve my orders soon enough, Ulis may not be your first target but I assure you. we will brutally accomplish our goals, no one will stand between our dreams of a new Order."

And with that Kangor made a new and arrogent ally.


"Why did I just read all of this crap" your probably asking your self. Well i'll tell you. Im planning a very large welcome back party for Kangor. After being defeated by Juntaar in the most recent Kangorian Revolution Kangor has been planning.

He has gathered a massive Mercanary Army and has gained some other allies in the process. But the panning is not done yet.
Im planning on Kangor coming back and attempting to destroy all the races that have wronged him(or the ones he perceived as wronging).

So if you are a member of DUP or someone that wants to be in the coming war them please post here with your ideas. Arrange a meeting between Kangor and one of your race(or a rebel faction of it) and have them join him. All I ask is that you keep it in character and that it makes sense.

Like I said, if your not in DUP but for some reason want to join in trying to take it down, then post your ideas here.

Im planning on it being a Huge war though. No sissy, I sent 10,000 troops and everything is fixed kind of thing. Its going to be a fight for survival, Im wanting battles that are the space equivilent of Stalingrad.

And there should be some characters. Perhaps write something similar to a diary(or a journal) of one of your troops.

So yeah, im gonna try and make this big, and for once, I have no clue who will win in the end.

Oh yeah sorry for spelling. Spell Check is still gone so I couldnt use it.


Well I better give a very detailed explanation of what I will be doing next Summer.

Me and a friend of mine are going to be filming a Documentary about our Roadtrip across the U.S.A. , The film will be about Gay Marriage and religion's views on it. We will be traveling the country, but we don't have alot of money so we will either be in cheap motels or sleeping in the car. But since we will be going around the whole country we will also be close to where many of you live. I am simply asking that if we are near your town we could stay at your place. We would only need a couch or even just a floor to put our sleeping bags.

I understand if you don't want us at your home and I respect that. But it would be appreciated if you would let us stay a night, then we would just leave, we would also leave anytime you asked us to. I realize we are just guests/beggars and would leave without a problem.

If you would let me and my friend stay a night if we are in town it would be very appreciated. I can post a pic of myself to prove who I am if needed

Now you can call me some wacko creep or something.

Spore: General / Multiple spaceships mentioned.....for the enemy.
« on: August 06, 2006, 08:49:37 am »
I was reading the newest( I think) PC Gamer, the British version, and they had a quick little aticle on spore. You know same ols same old, but then it said

" start zapping another civilation with your space-borne deathray and they'll declare war on your species, sending ships to attack your home planet"

So this leads me to beleive that the computer controlled civilations do get multible space ships.

Now I dont have to worry about entire wars being fought by 2 spaceships, maybe even you can have multiple spave ships. So thats pretty much what I wanted to point out.

Everything Else / Peanut Butter
« on: July 22, 2006, 10:13:15 am »
Which do you prefer

Spore: General / Tribal Stage?
« on: July 18, 2006, 09:04:39 pm »
I was just wondering about Spore( as usual) and I realized that I knew very little about the Tribal Stage. Like do we only get one hut or do we get a bunch with one main hut. How does warefare work? I heard we cant have infantry so what do we use. Just any solid details on what you do during the tribal stage would  be very helpful.

Spore: Creation Corner / Race Classification
« on: July 06, 2006, 06:20:50 pm »
This is just a thought of mine but I think that of someone could give a list of the Civilizations of the forum and like give them a number from 1 to 10 depending on powerful they are. I think it give newbies(including me) a sense of how powerful the different Races are and the standing in the Universe. Although its probably a really stupid idea but whatever I thought it could be interesting. :P

Spore: Creation Corner / The Kangorians
« on: June 30, 2006, 09:22:07 pm »
Description: They are a lanky, skinny race two back legs and two front arms that are longer than the legs. They have a long neck and a head that has a flap on the top of it beginning at between the eyes and ending at the back of the head. The torso is skinny, long and ends at the back legs. Along the back it has a set of folded back spikes. It can walk on all four limbs but it prefferes to walk with a sort of slouched two legged walk. The back legs have three claws. The front arms have two much more finger like protusions and a thumb.The head has a short yellow beak. The Kangorians are dark blue with lime green spikes and yellow claws.

History: The Kangorians lived on a fertile world(named Kangoria) with a worldwide civilization, and they were unified without any internal conflicts. Then exactly 3 thousand years ago a global ice age hit the planet hard. Millions died and society began to fall apart. It was in this dark time one of the greatest scientific minds that will ever grace the Kangor Empire The Eternal Kangar himself( the empire and race are now named after him. Their previous names have been forcfully forgotten) developed his "weather membrane". A rubber-like scuba suit that protects from extreme tempertures. And thus the cold was defeated. He drew up the plans for the "Great Farm" a fully covered mechanized building that covers 2/3 of the planet and saved us from the icy stavation that gripped the planet. The ice retreated and The Eternal Kangar gave us the answer to all of our races problems. Our organic bodies. He designed the glorious mechanized bodies to sustain our conscience in the Universe for all eternity.

 The machines break down all of our thought processes into electrons and computer code so that we retain our normal pesonality. We all went in droves and soon 80% of our people had gone with the mechanazation process. The other 20% refused to do it. The insolense of these pathetic individuals was dealt with swiftly. They refused the new way of life thus they were exterminated. The civil war lasted 23 years and the Organic Kangorians were destroyed. The whole planet was treated in the way that organics were destroyed. The society reached a spacefaring level 12 years ago and rapidly expanded. Conquering th local solar system and expanding a bit further out destroying or assilimating all organics who came their way.

Their philosophy: simply put it is that technology is god. Only technology will solve your problems and organics are inheirintly evil. Destroy or convert the organics.

Technology: Space travel is still relitively new to them, but their planetary defenses are quite good. They are perfect survivalists with the mechanized bodies and advanced life support systems. But most of all our technology has produced the "The Great Throne". Long ago our people realized that even with his mechanical body The Eternal Kangor could still be taken from us. thus in his great wisdom he put his own intelligence, his very self into " The Great Throne" which directs all things that happen in the Empire, every ship every person, every possible being in the Empire is run by him.
Drone technology is also being implimented, because reproduction is still impossable they created many drones that perform simple tasks like manning a gun turret or flying a ship from point A to B

Military: Very new to space combat but mechanized bodies makes for a very powerful ground force.

Recently: While our scouting ships were searching the outer perimeter of the Empire they found disturbing evidence that the Organic Kangorians had somehow settled there. The armada had moved to the Organic Kangorians base and met in combat with them. We had vanquished the enemy but had found a very revealing space map. Apparantly they had spread throughout the Universe in small numbers fleeing for their lives. The true mechanized Kangorians have a new motive for living, hunting these false Kangorians from the Universe.

ooc: they are a new force in the universe, but they are still a small fish in a big pond. They have an attitude problem. i thought it would be interesting them being kind of a seperate entity only really bothring you if they think that Organic Kangorians visited you from the new star map they found. so uhhh... i hope it works out if you guys dont like the idea ill drop these guys and delete this post. Please reply!

Here is a pic of what Kangorians looked like in the past. In the current time though after the mechanization process most Kangorians have lost their muscles and are now lanky.

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