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Forum Game Rules
« on: June 05, 2005, 07:41:42 pm »
For those of you new to this each post is basically a mini-game. The point of the game will often be posted in the first post which will include the rules, scoring system, and how/if you can post on the thread itself. Make sure to carefully read the posting rules for each game as you might not be allowed to post the answers to the thread itself. Like the rest of the forums, spam and "useless posts" are not allowed in any of the threads.

If the rules for a particular thread are broken, we will take the appropriate action, either with a warning, closing a thread temporarily, or even permanently if things get out of hand.  We want everybody to have fun, but we also want everybody to get involved in the games as well, so that's why the rules were implemented.

Please make sure to adhere to the overall Gaming Steve site rules when posting within a forum game. However, we do realize that some games will require the bending of some of these rules at times. When this occurs do try to keep within the spirit of the overall site rules and do your best not to offend anyone or post excessively large amounts of type. And if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact a moderator or site administrator.
Happy forum gaming!
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