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Monster Hunter 4 U

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So this is coming out soon

Not only does this game come with 2 new weapon types, the climbing mechanic, and the most content in any monster hunter yet(even more than freedom unite).
It's also reportedly the most accessible Monhun made so far, seeing as they did away with most of the awful slow tutorial that turned off so many people.
So for any newcomers this might be the best place to start.

And the controls and camera controls are now much smoother as well (though its still on the 3ds so a circle pad pro is advised).
Oh and it does have online, so anyone getting this can hunt together.
I've been playing the demo for a while now and its pretty great.

So I should wait to get this on Wii U, and never play that copy of 3 super extra edition on Wii U.

This won't be on the Wii U.
Capcom has said as much. Like not even "we don't have any info on that right now", just straight up no.
But who knows with Capcom.

3u is still very good, it just has a really slow start which isn't too great for newcommers. Also the underwater combat isn't as great as it should have been.
And when 4u comes out there really isn't much of a reason to go back anymore. It's just much more polished and has way more stuff going on.

But U is in the title. :\?

U stands for ultimate.
Monster hunter 4 was only released in japan, then they made a sort of expansion version called 4g (they do this with pretty much all monster hunter games).
And the western version is called 4 ultimate, for some reason. I think it also has more content than 4g.


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