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I acquired an iPod Touch late last year. Since then, I've been enjoying a wide range of applications... particularly games.

The first excellent games I played were the Jelly Car games. The first one is free and comes with a good sized map pack. Jelly Car 2 costs a buck and introduces some new features and a ton of new maps.

Most recently, I've been playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

I'll leave it at that for now and open the floor for discussion before I toss in other app games I enjoy.

I saw a review for Fruit Ninja yesterday. Looks like an addictive time waster don't have an Ipod touch or Iphone though also would probably play it maybe once then not really use it again.

Canabalt and Doodle Jump are basically the only ones I play.

Zenonia is prety tight.

Ones that i have found interesting are:
Myst, brick 3D, ishoot, void, zen bound, valistroke, aquaforest, aquaforest 2 and tilt to live.


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