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So who is getting a PSP?

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Gaming Steve:
Anyone out there getting a PSP this week? What games are you getting with it? There are actually quite a few good ones being released.

Plan on it. Wednesday night 12:00 at Wally World. Still have not decided on games yet. I heard wipeout will have new tracks every month or so to download. I am a big Fifa fan though so Im sure I will grab that. Hope I can play that over the web. Other than that i can not wait........

Im going to wait to get the PSP. Ill see wich games to get wich too avoid and ill see if its worth the 250+ id put into it.

I have the funds but ill bide my time  ;)

My money-meats don't agree with this game. Between eating, buying games, and saving for college, I just don't have enough to get one of 'em. I might look around the house and see what I can trade in or pawn.

Hmmm... in order to slip it past the wife, I'll have to buy it as a birthday present for the baby and "hold on to it for him"... :)


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