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April 15, 2005

Warriors, come out to play...

The WarriorsRockstar has finally released some new information on their new game, The Warriors, an adaptation of the 1979 cult-classic. The game appears to be a huge, sprawling beat-em-up that includes a prequel to the movie with a deep but user-friendly fighting system. The levels will feature GTA-like open levels but yet stay true to the original film.

When describing the game Rockstar used the games "Double Dragon" & "Streets of Rage" as loose comparisons. Hopefully there will be a lot more information at this year's E3.

The Warriors is due to come out later this year for both the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

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April 13, 2005

Xbox 360 Name & Design Confirmed ... maybe

Xbox 360Eurogamer is reporting that they have seen the new Xbox console and that it is indeed called "Xbox 360", the console itself has a concave design, and that the console's color is white. Maybe.

Even Eurogamer is saying that their information might not be accurate. However, their information would support the "leaked" image of the new Xbox 360 controller (which is white) as well as images from the web site which appear to show the buttons from a white controller.

As for the new name and logo, they are reporting that the logo is described as a simple, round nexus with "Xbox 360" written inside it. Previous rumors had simply the numbers "360" in the disc. It really is amazing just how much press Microsoft is getting on a system which hasn't been confirmed and/or might not even exist.

Now that would be perhaps the one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, don't announce the Xbox 360 at all and just announce the next version of Windows or something at E3. Could you imagine the press?

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April 11, 2005

Microsoft and Pepsi Planning Massive Xbox 360 Giveaway

Seems like today is the day of Xbox 360 news and rumors. The latest rumor is being reported by engadget where Microsoft and Pepsi are going to team up to give away over 9,000 Xbox 360 consoles in the weeks ahead of the console's official release. The contest will work in a very similar manner as the Pepsi/iTunes giveaway and use an under-the-cap registration method where one console will be given away every ten minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine weeks straight.

Assuming that the Xbox 360 will be released in mid-November as many people expect, this contest would start at the beginning of September. Which brings up an interesting question, if you win an Xbox 360 in September ... what are you going to play on it? Many people expect an updated/enhanced version of Halo 2 or perhaps demo versions of all the release titles for the Xbox 360.

Either way can you imagine how much these suckers are going to sell for on eBay?

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April 11, 2005

Xbox 360 to Debut on MTV on May 12th

Xbox 360First Xbox 360 was going to be launched before E3 on May 16th at 6:00 pm in downtown LA. Then last week Sony decided to have their launch event for the PlayStation 3 on the exact same day only at 3:00 pm, three hours before the Xbox 360 launch party (and ten miles away which might as well be a million miles when it comes to LA rush hour traffic).

Now Brandweek is reporting that the Xbox 360 will be launched during an MTV special on May 12th. The MTV special, hosted by actor Elijah Wood, will feature a performance by rock band the Killers, and will feature athletes and celebs showing off the console's new features. In addition, MTV will air teaser spots prior to the event and screening parties will be held in countries in which MTV airs.

Sony, it's your move...

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March 25, 2005

Halo 2 Multiplayer Madness

Master ChiefPerhaps one of the worst-kept secrets was finally announced this week. Bungie has announced an expansion pack for Halo 2 to be released in June. The pack will cost $19.99 and feature nine new multiplayer maps for Xbox Live. But what strikes me as a bit odd is the way they are releasing the maps. It appears that the maps will cost you money if you buy them right away, but if you have the patience to wait a few months you can get the maps for free. Eh?

Here is what Bungie has to say from their web site:

  • We're releasing a total of nine new multiplayer maps.
  • All nine maps will eventually be available as Live downloads and as a normal boxed game disc - available at retail for $19.99 (US).
  • The release on Live will be staggered, some paid, some free!
  • The first two maps are free and coming in a few short weeks. (late April)
  • The same day the 2 free maps are released, 2 additional maps will be available for purchase.
  • The remaining 5 maps will be made available as a paid download on the same day the retail package goes on sale.
  • The retail disc will contain extras, including a documentary, a cool project from our cinematic and animation team, every Halo 2 update released so far and possily one or two other little treats.
  • By late summer, ALL the maps will be available for free.

Sounds like Microsoft can't wait to try out those new "micro payments" they were talking about at the GDC a few weeks ago. Oh goodie, I can't wait to pay for new content for all my Xbox games!

Check out the info direct from Bungie and Xbox.

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