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December 13, 2005

Radio Controlled Mario Kart Cars

R/C Mario KartCan't get enough Mario Kart in your life? Or do you need a really cool present for a huge Nintendo fan? Well now you can recreate the Mario Kart experience at home with these very cool radio controlled Mario Kart cars.

The "MarioKart Advance Mario Bit Char-G Full Function" model is perfect for desktop races as the car is small enough to fit into your hand. The package comes with either Mario or Yoshi as well as five plastic banana peals, two shells, a mushroom, and R/C remote.

The other model, the "Large Turbo Model", is over a foot high and comes with a very cool GameCube R/C controller. There are no bonus items included with this set, but the cars can say "Mario Karty-things" like "mama mia" or "lets go". This model is definitely suited for those outdoor races as it handles like a standard R/C car, and you can select from Mario, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong.

If you are lucky enough to live near Manhattan New York you can pick up the Char-G cars at the Nintendo World store at Rockefeller Center. But for everyone else I would suggest the awesome import store which has no shortage of very cool video game-related toys.

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September 29, 2005

eBay for Gamers

GameSwapZoneI don't know how many people out there are buying their video games from eBay (I buy my used games at EB) but a new site just launched dedicated to just buying and selling new and used computer and video games. Sort of like eBay for gaming, launched a few weeks ago and it seems like a pretty interesting idea.

The site seems to contain your "standard" online auction capabilities such as rating systems and buyer feedback, an optional "Buy It Now" feature, and the ability for people to create their own online store. Plus, anyone can create listings, or even post "want ads" for specific games. It should also be noted that the site is owned by the same company that owns Computer Games Magazine and Now Playing Magazine for what it's worth.

So far their selection seems a bit limited but that's sure to grow over time, definitely an interesting idea for finding those rare and hard to find titles.

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May 5, 2005

Nintendo ... All Portable All The Time?

GameCube Advance

These images have been floating around the Internet today and if they are even remotely true it would be very cool indeed. Nintendo did state that they were going to release yet another portable gaming device this year ... could it possibly be the Nintendo GameCube Advance?

GameCube Advance

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April 18, 2005

There Can Be Only One!

As every single gaming web site reported today GameStop has purchased Electronics Boutique and the new company will be known as GameStop Corp. Combined the two companies will have over 3,200 stores worldwide, about $3.8 billion in annual revenue, and nearly 22% of the total US video game market.

What will be interesting is that this new company will have a huge monopoly on the video game retail business and will pretty much be able to make or break a game release. And when you factor in Wal-Mart, the two companies will combine to control around 50% of the entire US video game retail market. The big get bigger yet again!

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