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April 24, 2008

Gaming Steve Members Featured in Latest Spore Update


It appears that the Spore development team keeps tabs on the Gaming Steve Spore forums as in their latest update on the Spore web site they featured four creatures created by GS forum members.

LadyM (Mallen), Hydromancerx (Naucean), Petreak (Mentripod), and Oviraptor (Vvukkrauur) were lucky enough to have sketches of their creatures not only turned into official Spore creatures, but each of their creatures were evaluated by the NASA Astrobiology Institute as well as the Spore design team. A sample:

Vvukkrauur, by Oviraptor

NASA Evaluation: Lots of bilateral symmetry on this one. Perhaps the two light green discs below the eyes are heat sensing organs to help detect prey in murky water when the eyes become less useful.

Recreated by Spore Engineer Jeff Gates
Jeff says, "Its low profile is useful when it hunts its prey (not Earth prey). I can't tell if it’s cute or mean, but I know I want one!"

Congratulations you four! I only wish I created a creature as well ... doh!

Update: Mason11987 (Swiftick) and Wydraz (Flaaarg) were also mentioned on the site and are active forum members (sorry I missed you two). So six of the eight creatures featured were from the GS Spore forum ... not bad at all.

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That's awesome...this is really cool! I bet the Spore Creature forums will see an influx of us Spore newbies and our own creature designs, in the hopes of latching onto your guys' coattails...

Posted by hizzah at April 24, 2008 9:56 PM

Forgive me, but holy sh*t.

That's wicked awesome, guys.

Posted by Gauphastus at April 24, 2008 11:00 PM

congrats! it's nice to see these designs fleshed out as in game content! i bet you guys are grinning from ear to ear.

Posted by nicesocks at April 24, 2008 11:11 PM

Damn makes me wish I put more of my ideas on to paper.

Posted by Cobra at April 24, 2008 11:53 PM

Wow congrats guys, those look sweet.

Posted by ilikesanta at April 25, 2008 12:35 AM

I wonder if they'll keep doing this, there are quite a few more creatures i'd really like to see and the NASA evaluation is cool too. I doubt any of my guys will make it in though, i don't spend enough time on them.

Posted by Neoskel at April 25, 2008 2:08 AM

Yay! I'm co-featured, kind-of! Petreak's critter might not have been without my creature editor! Happy days!

Posted by Huggkruka at April 25, 2008 2:29 AM

Go Huggs! Our creature parts got indirectly featured on two CE 3.0 made species! So yay us! :D

Hydro ~

Posted by Hydromancerx at April 25, 2008 3:27 AM

See now I wish I had bothered putting my stuff in the Creation Corner.

Posted by Chris at April 25, 2008 10:02 AM

I appreciate the creature creator you guys made. It helped me make the Mentripod much easier than what I had drawn out on paper.
I felt special to be picked among all the great artist out there in the Spore Community.
Congratulations to everyone that was chosen!
The NASA part was unexpected and great to me. I always wanted to be a Space explorer, so I appreciate that someone from NASA was nice enough to talk about our creations. Very Cool!

Hydro, I guess our pm conversation makes more sense to you now. Lol! Sorry, I take not telling secrets very serious. Haha!

Posted by Petreak at April 25, 2008 11:02 PM

Ok people, two things, first thing is when does spore come out in North America and me and my friends want to know if there is any way to make a squirrel like or a cobra like creature? Also if there is a way to make a cobra thing can an arm be sticking out of its arm or something? that'd be cool. by the way good job guys on getting your ideas on the spore site. i saw them and its really cool.

Posted by Sporeian at April 25, 2008 11:25 PM

Holy crap that's awsome!

Posted by BBsman at April 26, 2008 1:47 AM

Did I miss something? Is the creature editor out?

Posted by Drew at May 1, 2008 12:58 AM
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