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January 14, 2008

What Lies in Store For Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2 future squadmate?

Humongous Mass Effect fanboy that I am – with two full play-throughs under my belt at this point – I've been pondering its upcoming sequels somewhat heavily this month. Developer BioWare is reasonably tight lipped on the subject, detailing precious little info other than the fact that there are two more games stenciled in for release throughout the 360's lifespan, but behind that, nuggets prove scarce.

That doesn't mean we can't hypothesize though, does it? Perhaps do a little sleuthing of our own? Maybe even throw a few random theories into the mix. To do so will require the discussion of major spoilers, of course, so if your copy of Mass remains incomplete at this point in time, for the love of Ashley Williams, TURN BACK NOW.

With that out of the way...

One concrete slab o' info we do know for definite – straight from the horse's mouth, no less – is that Mass Effect 2 will let us port across our characters from the previous game. The ability to play through such a rich and epic adventure with a persona of our own creation – from meticulously designed physical attributes, to the far reaching political decisions he or she subsequently had to make – was certainly one of the core traits that stood out with Mass Effect, so to see said decisions hopefully return to haunt us in the game's follow-up(s) most definitely excites in theory.

That said, I wouldn't get too carried away on this front if I were you. To prowl internet message boards – or partake in the average pub-tinged round table – sees the majority of fans expecting a little too much from this in my experience. Weapons, armor, money? Its doubtful such material possessions will survive the journey I'm afraid. Sad news for the trillionaire loot addicts who quick-timed their way into every crate known to man, but at least they'll have something to do in the sequel. In fact, I'd be surprised to see choice of class, skills, or even character level pop along either.

Physical attributes and plot decisions are most likely all that'll remain constant between games, if I were to hazard a guess, but this alone should prove riveting enough regardless. With the fate of the council held in the player's hands on game's end for example, BioWare'll need to create entire cut-scenes, dialog trees and even plot-points both involving, and ignoring the terrible trio for the game's follow-up. Because let's be honest, 90% of us probably killed 'em off in those dying minutes with a demonic grin plastered across our face.

Combined with the player's choice of a fourth, and very much human elected council member, means such scenes could house a multitude of varying outcomes and tones right across the board. BioWare certainly have their work cut out in terms of covering all bases of these multiple tangent universes.

Even more so in regards to the Normandy's crew. What of the fates of Kaiden, Ashley and Wrex for example? The optimist in me hopes to see the next game tailored to the decisions we made, thus dictating each of their presence and subsequent attitude towards you – adding much to the previous game's more emotional moments in the process – but the realist within me scoffs. Given next-gen development time and cost, it seems fruitless for a developer to include entire characters and plot strands that many'll never even see. Sad but true.

We love Wrex!
I would however place bets on some minor name-dropping of the above deceased, and the possible inclusion of at least Liara and Tali. They were, after all, the two mandatory party members whom everyone was not only forced to recruit, but also survived through game's end. A pity, given Wrex and Garrus were arguably the more interesting of the bunch.

Hotty female aliens, and good old hollow-boned Joker aside, I'd place bets on a brand new Normandy crew for the most part however. A Salarian (aka the Area 51-esque skinny looking fellows) would be a no-brainer, given their lack of presence first time around. Perhaps a soldier from Shepard's battle on Virmire would prove a pleasing throwback? I'd personally relish the chance for a Volus sidekick more than anything however, given their undeniable similarity to cute, cuddly teddy bears with which to snuggle. It gets lonely in space, after all.

I'm almost more curious about locations above all else though. No doubt the recently redecorated Citadel will make a reappearance – along with the previously seen council chambers and such – but looking out at of that view down in the Wards of the last game, brain running amok with all the endless possibilities contained below, certainly makes one eager to explore some of the construct's more far-reaching and dingy locales. Presumably we'll get to do just that.

In terms of additional planets, I'd hope Caleston gets a resurrection first and foremost. For those not in the know, this was a beautiful yet seedy underworld environment originally designed for the first game, choc-full of gritty bars and dodgy bounty hunter types. It was heavily reworked mid-development, with its city section scrapped completely, and eventually renamed Therum (thus housing Liara's dig site). Concept art found on the first game's bonus disc looks amazing though, where BioWare themselves even hint of the planet's resurrection in sequel form or DLC.

One hopes such populated planets have a far greater presence right across the board, in fact. Compared to previous games from Canada's finest, Mass Effect could be accused of lacking much on that front. Asari and Turian home worlds could be particularly interesting to "Renegade" your way across, given the various customs and histories they each poses. Have human/Turian relations improved in light of the events in Mass I wonder? Or now more than ever, are they on the verge of breaking point.

Finally we have to question the extent of the Reapers' involvement in the next game. Sovereign required quite the battering to put down in the game's climactic battle; but just how many more of these things are out there exactly? More importantly, will we uncover some hints as to what their ultimate goal is? A Matrix style "human-battery" setup would be a colossal let-down, given such a beautiful setup, but it could well be one mystery not fully answered 'til the final installment of the trilogy. If we were to stumble across Sovereign's buddies out in the furthest reaches of space though, my one, true hope for the sequel would be real-time space combat sequences; potentially a far more appropriate and action packed mini-game next to the previously monotonous, if still (mildly) enjoyable Mako segments.

The good news of course, is that we'll need not wait year upon year to secure answers to some of the above questions and theories. The second Mass Effectnovel – Ascension – touches down this summer, supposedly bridging the gap between games, while downloadable content is also reportedly very far along too. Given Mass Effect's lack of an Oblivion-style world in which to mess around with long past the game's credits, it'll be interesting to see how BioWare plan to "plug" new missions in exactly, but even in their own words, downloadable content has been a huge part of this series' blueprint since its very earliest conception. Which presumably translates to; expect much improved results compared to KOTOR's depressingly meager efforts.

On a more technical level, BioWare have also talked briefly about improving upon the disastrous lifts seen in the last game, tweaking the heavily maligned UI, and even working in some of the scrapped real-time conversation features they originally trumpeted back amidst the first game's development. Whether these much needed upgrades find their way into the sequel or not remains to be seen, but I for one just hope the ruddy textures show up next time...

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Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good sequel, and I do agree in that I think it will only be the name, class and decisions moved across. But anything more than that and it becomes a bonus!

The only thing that worries me is the multiple story's they'll obviously have to create, which means this could be a long time out :(

That could be good though as I have multiple playthroughs and multiple saves and each one is so completely different that if they do have multiple versions of the same story depending on your decision in ME1, it'll be like playing 2 or 3 games in 1 package.

Posted by JamDunc at January 14, 2008 12:43 PM

I imagine the novel won't have the Shepard character in it at all, similar to the first book. I'm really curious to see how Drew Karpyshyn will handle writing about events after the game.

Posted by Windex at January 14, 2008 3:32 PM

It makes my brain hurt to think of all the different ways they can handle the next game. I'm going to keep me expectations low so no matter how it comes out I should still be happy.

Posted by ilikesanta at January 14, 2008 4:10 PM

Yeah I agree with the dude above me. Low expectations are the best course of action for ME2. I was so hyped for ME1, and when I saw the constant texture loading, the horrible menus/money system and exploration, I was let down. Take it for what you want, but low expectations will mean the game is a better experience for all, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters...right?

Posted by Et3rnalApollyon at January 14, 2008 4:25 PM

Say, where exactly did Bioware state that we could port our characters? I'm curious, because as far as I'm concerned, I don't think it would make much sense playing as Shepard in ME2. And I wouldn't want to, to be honest.

Also, what strikes me, is that everybody's only talking about the technical implications in ME2 -- different story arches, survivors, etc. But the same holds true for the upcoming book, if not more so. How could they possibly write a book which would simply take off where ME1 ended?

Posted by fehnman at January 15, 2008 5:10 AM

Has anyone thought that our current Mass Effect I Shepard might carry on to the second as an NPC?

That would make it much easier to implement, in my opinion: all the physical attributes would easily carry over (along with weapons, class and equipment). He's alignment would mean that bioware would only have to develop 2 distinct dialogue trees, and the game would chose according to your own character.

Not playing him (or her) again actually makes a sequel fresher and would give us a chance to see the universe post-shepard...

Posted by Phlegethonyarre at January 15, 2008 1:19 PM

I dunno, the Shepard character is kind of the apex upon which the universe turns, and I really like the idea of playing as the same character twice.

As for me, my only worries are that Bioware improve the glaring deficiencies in the first one. More cities, better exploration and sidequests, more real time conversation. I couldn't give two shits about the elevators, honestly they weren't that bad. Other than wondering just HOW ON EARTH Bioware is going to implement all these different story arcs and conversations, I totally trust them on the writing part ME2.

And is there a release time-frame yet? One year? Two year?

Posted by Hizzah at January 15, 2008 10:24 PM

if they keep all the posible out comes of the 1st ME and the characters theyre on to a winner, but more systems to travel to would be good and more of a Grand Theft Auto feel to it. ie being able to go evrywhere in more detail and do what you want, also if you can pilot your own shop would be good and being able to fly from planet to planet in a single system.

Posted by Tom F at February 7, 2008 10:37 AM

It would be cool if we didnt have to salvage any new equip you pick up when we reach the limit of 150 at least make it higher. It be also be awsome if we could upgrade the mako, like new ammo upgrades like instead of the old WEAK machine gun we could put Polonium rounds or Inferno or something like that. What I really want Bioware is ONLINE PLAY, Versus, Online CO-OP! My idea for online co-op is not only to play with 2 but like 4 with their own customized character they created. With versus something like CTF, Free For All, and when in online multiplayer you get to choose whether you want your character to be geth or krogan, turian, Salarian, Or human. Oh Man Im just excited typing this stuff!!!!

Posted by James at February 7, 2008 9:48 PM

If they don't want to eat up to much space on the disc, they could do a "Data Recovery" thing-- like in the beginning of ME1, when you were Picking the class and characteristics. That way, there would be more space to flesh out the game and put in those much needed features like the real time conversations (which were lacking, to say the least, in Mass Effect.) With the stats and looks of the character (armor and weapons included), they should be able to load them from the hard drive or memory unit of the XBox 360, "Ratchet and Clank" style.

Posted by Conor at February 15, 2008 1:07 PM

I really hope you get to pick your species. I RRRREEEEAAALLLYYYY want to be a salarian.

Posted by Troy at February 16, 2008 2:42 AM

When i played kotor I was impressed and was excited for kotor 2, only to find out that it was basically the same game with slight connections to the original story with new characters. i have this bad feeling that ME2 will be the same way. several hundred years after sheppard saved the galaxy a new threat emerges and commander X does something strikingly similar only with a slight twist... you get the idea. and one more thing. could they have made the terrain in ME1 any more rugged?! its called erosion. terrestrial planets arent like that. I would have given 100,000 credits for a pleasant 100 meter drive in my mako.

Posted by Blaine at February 17, 2008 10:35 PM

i love the idea of an online system being included in ME2, but something like a MMORPG would be impossible (disc size ect.)

i agree with the MAKO problems though...combat was very poor and literally ALL MAKO involved missions (planet exploration .ect.) was very monotonous and boring.

I like the combat system, relatively simple and great fun to use. Real tine conversation had its moments, some pretty epic scenes.
The ending sequences were fantastic!!!

But i do think that the game could be sligtly more fast paced in its beginning stages, and the combat areas only really got interesting towards the end ie. on the Citadel fighting to get to Saren, fighting the Thorian...)

i'd love the idea of transferring Shepards character/stats ect. to ME2, but again, i agree that for Bioware to cover all possible plot angles... its pretty unlikely.

Posted by Michael at February 19, 2008 11:28 AM

I see a problem with the ME2 transition form ME1. The thing that made this game so great is you made choices and those choices had an impact on the story. If all that is lost in transition, then it eliminates some of the greatness. Besides, how if you complete a romance side mission can you not transfer that info over while still using Shepard. I agree that its unlikely that Bioware will transfer over everything about Shepard and the decisions you make during the storyline from ME1. However, people seem to think it's so hard for them to do this but they could use a madden, ncaa football type transfer or have options in the ME2 character creation screen to allow you to chose some of the main points to transfer from ME1 (for instance Ashley or Kaidan,the fate of the council). Then just take those choices in the creation screen and incorporate them into the story with little trouble. The 360 is equipped well enough to handle any transfer Bioware wants to incorporate

Posted by Matt at February 20, 2008 6:15 PM

I think that the creators at Bioware should just assume that Kaiden was left on Virmire and that Wrex wasnt killed because I would like to see Wrex in the second game. The reason Kaiden should be left is this... could some how they tie into the game that Kaiden created a barrier to save his company that were being attacked by the geth? I mean he is supposed to be extremely powerful and he hasnt fully taped into his powers yet. What if he were to just lose control and his powers saved him? I would also like to see Ashley in the next game because she and Shepered I am interested in seeing what will happen to them.

Posted by Colin at February 21, 2008 8:08 PM

I hope they develop the shadow broker role, apart from afew comments and 1 indirect sub mission there is no real dealings with him/her/them. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for more different species...The ones in MA1 are fine but I could do with more, how many turians / asari can there be in one area??
There should also be an option to land on Earth ( i no... i no )
But it would be cool to see how bioware deal with an Earth of the future. I cant wait for 2 already, This is without doubt the most epic game ive played. Other 360 games ive played have no call back value, once it's completed your like... OK, now what. With this however, I cant put it down.. My sleeping pattern is well n truly screwed! This game should come with a health warning lol

Posted by benny77 at February 23, 2008 12:05 AM

I did have a problem with the MAKO, I thought it was s'posed to be "all terrain" Well 90% of the planets had terrain that it couldn't handle ( how many of you have just slid backwards down a mountain??) having said that - the cannon and machine gun are awesome and nothing beats running over geth especially the colosus' !!

Posted by benny77 at February 23, 2008 12:13 AM

Your predictions seem very cynical. Remember, Bioware created many, many features and pieces of dialogue that will likely never be seen. I seriously doubt that anyone has ever looked in every single nook and cranny of the game, checked every box and opened every container. I wouldn't under-estimate the Devs. I’ll start by saying that, Mass Effect 1 is an incredible piece of work, a step up from any story-driven game I’ve ever played, and certainly worth a good look from anyone who calls him/herself a gamer.

1.Personally, I would like to see a customizable, moddable Mako. The 2 weapons do get boring after a while, and if all of those face configurations were possible, then why not a pimpable Mako.
2.Along with that I’d also like to see a party member of each race, though maybe not Volus, as they actually claim to trade their ECONOMIC services for protection. Their only real use on the battlefield would be in a pre-battle soccer match. As the football. No, I'm on about races like the Salarians, obviously, but also an Elcor, as maybe a weapons-platform-type team member.
3. Third, I would like to see much more explorable and varied planets. I mean, what’s the deal with all the planets having almost exactly the same geological structures and only different texture styles to differentiate them from each other. Perhaps 2 or 3 reasonably large, fully interactive cities, along with the citadel and the classic undeveloped planets. I mean, come on, if a PS2 game - San Andreas could do 3 HUGE cities, then this 7th gen game can at least try at half the size. A large world is part of the essence of an RPG (how can you become a character, when you can only interact with what the Devs tell you to. Also, maybe make the planets geology synchronise with its conditions, such as flat plains for deserts and rocky/craggy for ice.
4. Finally, I would like to see lots more side quests. Interesting ones like the citadel missions, rather than 'fun-at-first', yet repetitive ones on the uncharted planets. This doesn't mean, make the main quest very long, but one extra mission would be nice. Development of the locations and NPCs after the missions would be a huge step-up. It hit me as a lamentably wasted opportunity when I returned to Feros, only to find all of the characters doing exactly the same thing as when I left them, with nothing at all different. This carries to the FINAL final point, of having much more interractible civilians. Yeah the little comments were nice, but, more varied interaction would be great. I'll leave the designers to think of those interactions, but I'm sure they'd be good ;). I'm pretty sure that wraps it up.

Posted by Raad at February 23, 2008 7:25 PM

guys be realistic they arnt goining to add any HUGE features (such as multi player) ill bet you anything that ME2 is going to be as different from ME1 as KotOR 2 was from KotOR 1. (seeing how ME and KotOR are made by the same company. Dont expect them to make a reall sequall more of an expassion pack. I bet that ME2 is allready having the cut scene's recorded

Posted by Tom Moore at February 24, 2008 9:47 PM

Ive bean thinking....(dangerous!) and i realized that with the alleged transfer of the main character from ME will probably not be as good as people believe. I mean if you think about it, there is no way they are going to let you start a new game with a lvl60 character with the best armour and best weapons with a shed load of creds, unless the game starts with high level enemys, which ( if memory serves ) has never ever happened. my guess is that the only transfer will be apearance and history. Otherwise the only people who will buy ME2 will be the people who have ME, thats not good business sense is it?? unless ME2 is only going to be an extension picking up right after sovereign is destroyed ( thats possible i'spose,) dont know how i feel about htat to be honest.

Posted by benny77 at March 1, 2008 8:20 AM

It would be fun to have the home world planet of Earth in the SOL system (local cluster) open up as a location to land and explore with missions. It was fun to dropship on the moon and take in the view, yet frustrating to see earth right there, and get a homesick feeling that couldn't be remedied in the first game.

The same holds true with MARS. It was fun to read about how the cities on mars turned into backwater towns after the discovery of rapid space travel to far away star systems. However it would have been MORE fun to set down and wander the streets, tackling missions as a spectre in some of these backwater seedy environments.

Also, I was suprised to see a lack of large explorable space ships. Sure, every once in a blue moon you could take on a spectre mission that let you explore the hull of a small freighter - but there was SOOOO MUCH opportunity there to play with the idea of setting foot on large space ships in a feat of heroic conquering after a major space ship battle between it and the Normandy would have just been an incredible and richly rewarding experience.

Posted by aaronix at March 4, 2008 11:48 AM

i have never played ME1, but i did hours of researching it. i actually have a ps3 but im getting a 360 for Halo and ME. from what i have seen and heard, the planets seem to be broad. the sequel would probably be alot better with futuristic (alien-looking) cities within the planets. you should also be allowed to choose a race. i think it would give it more of an rpg feel, somewhat like oblivion.

Posted by Tobias at March 7, 2008 3:15 AM

I think that is one excellent review. A lot of thought went into that. However I must say hearing of the release of a trilogy had me intrigued, although in the same breath maybe I had gotten myself a little too over-excited. Reading what everyone else has written has kinda bashed my hopes but make me think a bit more realistic.
As I too would hope that Not only character traits and such would transfer as with Learned abilities. I believe your assumption to be correct as to a whole new interface being created. Im sure there are certain characters we would all enjoy seeing the return of in the second and 3rd edition Im wondering if such decisions as killing the Arachni queen will completely end a storyline in the second or if released will they return as a friend or foe. Also what about Ilos Pretty kickass planet a lot of exploring left to be done rather than to be rushed seeking out Saren and the Conduit.
Even though I'd hope for all this to happen this also leaves the designers with the task of appealing to new comers that have never played Mass 1. I can't begin to imagine the time that will be invested in completing a task. I for one believe it will be almost like Halo in leading from one episode to another. Some of the same characters will be added as well as new ones. The better side is that we will be able to continue with the character we created ourselves.
Only time will tell. Im interested in the upcoming downloadable content. What new missions or smart ellic remarks will be abloe to be chosen. Will the missions that are plugged in be interactive on a farther level when asking crew members what their thoughts of the preceding mission change.
I know my ability to put into words my thoughts aren't near as technical as everyone elses but hey this is just my $.02!

Posted by Erica at March 9, 2008 9:02 PM

In ME2 will you be able to be able to be any other spices (Like turians) because thats what disappointed me in ME1

Posted by guzzo at March 11, 2008 10:59 PM

Ok, here's what I REALLY, REALLY want in Mass Effect 2:

I want to be any species I want, and PLEASE include Salarians, Krogan, and most of all Batarians. It'd be awesome to be a Batarian.

More armor

More Weapons

Here's what i want most of all: I want to be able to actually drive the Normandy. Yes, that's right. Like in GTA, where you have the choice of taking a Taxi, or driving to your destination. What I want is to have the choice of going through those relays, but also having the choice to explore space, dodging asteroids and what not. And when you arrive at the planet, the cutscenes take over from there.

I want to be able to go out in to pure space. I want to be able to float, and I can just press like A or something to get back to the ship. I want to have free roam in space, just floating. However you need to have some control, kind of like swimming, very, very slowly. Also, for a lot of credits, make there be a jetpack you can buy, where you can only equip while floating in space. Then, you can fly yourself through space.

I want to be able to land on every planet in the Local Cluster, which contains Earth.

Expand the exploration to the entire Universe, not just Milky Way. For example, don't put boundaries when I'm flying the Normandy, like there were boundaries on planets you landed on in Mass Effect 1.

While free roaming with the Normandy, make it have a thrust power, kind of like turbo in a car.

If I go too close to the sun, make me burn up in the Normandy.

The customization in Mass Effect 1 was awesome, however let there be more background options. Also, let there be an "astronaut" military specialization, where you can get astronaut armor, like astronauts have today when they go into space.

Before we go onto a planet, let us choose between 3-4 vehicles that we want to take.


Posted by jerome at March 15, 2008 7:00 PM

When does it come out? I hope in late 08' or early 09'.


Posted by jerome at March 15, 2008 7:43 PM

In ME2, if you could fly the ship, it shouldn't be Shepherd (or who ever you play as) doing it. That's not their job. When you want to fly the ship, you should take control of Joker (or whoever) and roam space till your heart's content while Shepherd momentarily becomes an NPC and roams the ship or goes to his room until your done.

Posted by Tim at March 16, 2008 7:51 PM

I hope that the character port is somewhat similar to the old Quest for Glory series that Sierra had. You got to port the same character over 5 games with skill, money, weapons and all. Granted they didn't have as many choices dictating the story line but if a game from the 90's could do it...

Posted by Marcelo at March 24, 2008 5:26 PM

I for one really enjoyed ME1 it was a great thrill and the emotion could have used more work between the charecters. more dialog. But I think that they should make it so in ME2 you can recreat your charecter if you choose to make her/him look different as if time had passed or somthing more realistic. but if you wanted transfered your person over. and there are really on 5 major story changers that I really know of that could possablly change the game and I agree they should just ask what you did at the main screen and have you transfer info of what you did. like the council and romance. and I hated the mako it was a pain the gun and all was cool for only so long and the terrian was a pain I got stuck so many time and couldn't get out. I hate haveing to navigate! >_< and being 16 and a crazed fangirl I Can't wait for the next but I won't get my hopes up just yet for a great great sequel.. ^^

Posted by CoreyGirl16 at April 8, 2008 8:33 PM


I was getting kinda worried about all these rumours going around about "not playing as Commander Shepard". As someone else rightly said, what's the point in making all those decisions in the first game if barely any of the transcend to the next? I mean, it would be cool to play as a Turian, Salarian, etc. but I loved the fact that as human, the things you do benefit the entire human race.

And everything everyone has said about the MAKO is true. Getting to certain "outposts" and "labs" on otherwise deserted planets was extremely infuriating, particularly trying to reach them right on top of a small mountain. Argh.

I'm seriously pumped for MS2, and even if were aren't returning as Shepard, I'll still buy it.

As long as the textures decide to make an appearance that is.

Posted by Rosi at April 10, 2008 11:41 AM

with out actually knowing what bioware has in store its impossible to say for sure but I really think you would need to keep playing as Commander Shepard not some other species because the whole story (for those who didn't pay attention) is about the human race and it's involvement in galactic events, and so you would also need to maintain all the choices you made through out ME1, but who knows how or IF the designers will even have Shepard return.

As far as improvements I agree with most of whats already been said more; systems,better terrain, fix the damn MAKO,more armor,money and weapons

But I also think they could improve the relationship aspect rather than one that takes the whole game to complete and not just romance but with all your allies both on ship and off

But you can't make everyone happy and I will be interested to see what they actually do

Posted by drew at April 13, 2008 7:00 PM

I hope their isn't that many jobs that involve the mako. Don't get me rong, I love the mako; just not on almost every single mission.
I would also like to have some Mars missions which I think should have ben in the first MASS EFFECT, after all they hade the moon and I think Mars is so much better and more inportant that the moon. This might be small, but I'd like to see more windows in MASS 2.Their are none except for on the bridge. i wanna see stars go by and watch planets float by whan orbiting them. Maby a small shuttle craft along side the Mako in the hanger bay; now that would look kool wouldn't it. Also for the Bad Man/Woman in you, getting more physical with who you'r questioning or talking to.

Posted by xephron at April 16, 2008 4:06 PM

Well...there's always the possibility that BioWare could pick up on that whole romance-subplot thing. Maybe the two lovers conceived a child, and the next game centers around the kid. Then the player could be either human or asari-human-hybrid.

Might not work though, considering that some people might not have done the romance subplot. Oh well. Just an idea.

Posted by Olivia at April 24, 2008 8:32 PM

Umm, Make AI a bit more challenging and harder. Make us customize the mako. I would love if in Mass Effect 2 that you get to see through your partners cam and make giving orders to your teammates a lot more realistic. When going through missions and fighting enemies make your teammates say a lot more dialogue like in call of duty 4 and GRAW like let your teammates say "Right Clear, or behind the wall,or better yet RPG!!!" You something like that. Make gamplay similar to Gears Of War and Bioware use the highly new upgraded Unreal Engine 3 that Gears Of War 2 is going to use, In Mass Effect theres a lot of gitters. Make us have more supplies and a lot of new weapons. Let us have some Droids like in star wars. Mass Effect had a good storyline, But make Mass Effect 2 have even a 10x better storyline, I know that this is probaly not going to happen but at the end of the game make it like the end of GRAW 2 Or Call OF Duty 4 Like Commander Sherpard is injured and like the Normandy is Airborne OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT,MAKE THIS GAME A LOT MORE REALISTIC than it was in the first game.Like in graw 2 where when you start off in a mission like a little TV pops up and Joker tells you your mission instead of having to read it. BIOWARE plz read THIS. This is TopNotch ideas here i tell you.

Posted by Jay JAy at April 24, 2008 9:55 PM

Ive have just read on wikipedia about Mass Effect 2, and for those of you that wanted online plaY in ME2 well... I got some bad news. The only mode in Mass Effect 2 is Single-Player and it will not have online play. Read the side of this link.

Posted by Jay Jay at April 28, 2008 10:41 PM

One thing I would probably bet on is seeing the quarian flotilla eventually. Especially since Tali's father is a major player in the Quarian Admiralty Board.

Another thing I expect to see is the involvment of more spectres. We saw 3 in ME and 2 ended up dead. To kill two birds with one stone, maybe a new squad member will be a salarian spectre! Some joint spectre action would be interesting to see. Saren couldn't be the only hardhitter the council had.

Hopefully, the possibility of the Racni playing an important role isn't far fetched. I let the queen live 3 times in my play throughs. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake to let her live.

It sux when you can't play it ignorantly and wish everything was more detailed bigger maps and what not. Bioware does have a space limitation. There are three possible ways of handling this; Keep to one disc (craptastic option), Make it span tastefully on multiple discs, and the hella unlikely, maybe the blu-ray extention microsoft is coming out with will be compatible to play blu-ray game discs. If the game is on a blu-ray, one disc is more than enough to have all that sweet mass effect 2 goodness. If not two will surely cover it. if the blu route isn't it. a good way to transition a disc swap would be between different areas like when you explore the traverse in depth, so citidel space is disc one and the uncharted traverse is disc two. or if extra-galactic travel is reached, the milky way is disc one and ect.

Some past figures in squad members history could make appearances like ashleys sisters, Alenko's Turkish BAaT crush, Liara's "Father", and Tali's Father. The shadow broker should appear also. It sucks because i turned his offer down in my extensive playthrough. Maybe Liara's "father" is connected to the shadow broker. Okay that last one was rather far fetched but who cares. all i know is, I want to know what my number 1 quarian bitch looks like under her environmental mask.

BTW, a volus squad member would be very useless. come on, their skin would split at pressure acceptable to our own. you might as well hope for a hanar to be your third squad member. That would be the worst escort mission known to man. But i DO agree, a Batarian would rock.

Posted by eM at May 6, 2008 3:57 AM

Another thing, I would like to see a better use of conversation interruptions I heard they wanted to use. Was it scrapped? I didn't see anything viable in ME to serve as a substantial interrupt. Imagine how many people you could piss off with that.

Posted by eM at May 6, 2008 4:02 AM

i would really enjoy that in ME2, there would be new classes of weapons(such as Rocket launchers or something), more vehicles(like a cross between Halo's Mongoose and ME's MAKO, and maybe something like a futuristic helicopter), and almost above all else, a bunch of characters that were mentioned in the first ME, like the Shadowbroker, maybe the Wrex's merc gal pal, Kaidan's biotic buddies, Ashley's sisters, or maybe even some of Shepard's old military buddies(depending on which scenario you chose).
Mentioned somewhere above, i think i would be a good story line if Kaiden survived the nuke on Virmire(depending on who you rescued)by making a barrier. But maybe for a plot twist, he was allied with the Reapers cuz he felt betrayed by Shepard. The rest of the Reapers will undoubtfully make and appearance in ME2 where Shepard(or the new main character, hmm.... what if Shepard wasnt your main character)will have to try to save the galaxy from the rest of these mofos. Sadly, Bioware might do to ME what they did KOTOR. They made the sequel fun and pretty good i might add, but it didnt connect to the first one much and it left you hanging when you play the sequel.
I would hope that if somebody didnt use their original ME save files, in the begining of ME2, you could somehow choose who lived/died, and you could choose to tie up the loose ends you self. That is just what i hope, and what i would like to see in the new Mass Effect, hopefully Bioware could incorporate some of our ideas into their game(highly unlikely, but it would be nice)

SomeOfAllFears (XBL GT)

Posted by SomeOfAllFears at May 13, 2008 10:30 PM

people keep saying that they would rather play as sheperd but as i said before if you could play as a different race you could find out about there race and solve some of the mystries they had behind them but if your just a human then it would just be the same as me1 but just different story i would rather be able to use other races because you could also get new abilties with each different race and different weapons it would also be great if the story would be better if you could be more evil if you choose to cause it wasnt that great in ME1 what do you guys think??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Posted by guzzo at May 18, 2008 5:00 PM

I think it would be cool if you could play as a different race and each one has a story line because of what you did in ME1

Posted by Cannon ballerzzz at June 27, 2008 10:44 PM

Okay... i kno there is not way in hell this will probably ever happen but whats the fun of waiting for a game if you don;t get to think about it and specualte about it so much it is almost a disapointment when it comes out right? So:

Number one, top priority dream for ME2 is: (are you ready for this?)

I wanna be a frikin turian dood!!! Or the ability to be a volus would be tempting, though i don't know if I could deal with being a cute teddy bear throughout the WHOLE game so I'd probably stray from the option.

Also, I don't so much want free roam of space, cause I could only deal with casually floating through neverending blackness for SO long. But I want the planets to be a free roam deal. In ME1 they all looked THE SAME. And there were no villages on the planets, just one rocky landscape after another that is swarming with geth that you have to kill. I want villagers, side-quests, towns. Also, how about being able to travel through space? Not necessarily free roam through it. Just be able to travel to places that arent inhabited by citadel species. I mean, how cool would it be to have to blast your way through a barricade of geth one minute, and then travel to a remote alien planet inhabited by aliens still in the middle ages hacking eachother to peices with swords?!?!
Maybe the Normandy will have a VI system in place like in star trek or something and can tell you what age and race lives on a certain planet if it is not a citadel species and has not discovered the technology to travel through space yet. Because my thoughts are there SHOULD be a lot of those kind of cituations. There has to be more than turians and humans and asari and volus and ALL those muppets. Are there any more that are just too scattered to be seen around the Citadel or to be counted as a councel race?

And i defenetly (pardon my spelling) think there should be less mako cituations. I mean, it was pretty cool when i first realized I was going to drive around planets in a hummer-like vehicle but after a while, turning geth into roadkill got dull. I was tihnking more of an oblivion or fable style evironment.

And, although i am afraid to say it... I want the old normandy crew, with maybe a salarian or volus in the place of your virmire casualty. I am also wondering if the jellies might have a bigger role in ME2 or ME3. They seem like an impossible race to have as a normandy crewmember but, maybe through some miracle i'll be proven wrong.

Lastly (or finally, however you see it), i think the most intreguing aspect to ME1 was how personal it kept you. At the end of the game you were glued to the screen. I just want that general aura to be there with ME2 and ME3. And a lot of that aura came from how personal the game could be made. I think they should keep the game throwing curveballs at you in a realistic fashion and make certain that ME2 has the player in the same trance ME1 had me in.

And, for the unfortunate few who had the pacience to read through my wild and impossible hopes. thanks for the time.

Posted by MegRH at July 7, 2008 5:58 AM

As far as the importing your character goes, I'd imagine it would be done in much the same way as the Baldur's Gate series. In BG2, you could either import you character from the first game, or you could create a totally new character that would start off at level 15 or whatever. They also threw you straight into a situation where all your equipment and money had been taken away, so there were no inconsistencies there, and since there is supposedly going to be a time lapse from ME1 to ME2, this would be completely plausible. So this way even if you chose to start from scratch, you would still be just as far level, skill, and equipment wise as someone who imported their character from ME1. And considering Bioware made the BG series as well, it seems like they would take a similar approach.

As far as the story goes, I know everyone wants to see different story arcs right from the get go, but Bioware will most likely (in my opinion, anyway) state a "canon" storyline, as disappointing as that may be for some people. Or a little bit less disappointing, although not the super 5 different storylines people apparently want, they could simply have your character recant some of the major story lines through small conversations with teammates, so that it wouldn't affect the major arc of the game except for in certain small aspects such as what characters appear in this or that scenario or how people initially react to you.

And to be hopeful and unrealistic just for explicatives and giggles, it would be damn cool to play as a Turian. Even a Salarian would be pretty awesome in my opinion. But overall, I'm going to stick with a Baldur's Gate view on ME2 and 3, in that you stay the same character through the whole game, with some returning crew members and some new ones.

Posted by Benji at July 15, 2008 7:59 PM

Well, I must admit, I loved ME-1. However I think there are some serious concerns when it comes to "merging" a character into ME2. First of all (let's place the sidequests outside for now), there is the fact that you had 3 choices in the end (as far as I know, played it through 2 times so far), which would impact the entire game.
The biggest issue being if you killed the council or not. I choose not to (yes I am too forgiving and friendly :P), thus having the choice who to nominate for the council.
I believe BioWare will take the "midway road" when it comes to merging over. They will "pre-determine" some things (like the council being dead or alive), but merge others like your tendency (Paragon, Renegade) and relationship with a character into the new game, thus leaving your character with "a personal touch."

I would actually like playing Sheperd again, as after all the end if you let the council live (and proposed the captain for the council), the end would suggest that you play him / her again.

A few things that need to be changed in my opinion are:

1) Please let us choose a "color theme" for our armor. I would be ever so thankful running around in my own color theme rather than the standard one.

2) Less Mako travels / actions. Yes, I liked the idea and it is fun driving your armored spacebuggy, but just to get into a random sidequest lab on "Random planet" it took longer to drive there than to kill the pirates. Keep the Mako for situations in which you really need an armored vehicle and where it is better suited for.

3) More cities please. I can understand that it is impossible for every sidequest planet to have it's own city but for the love of all that's biotic, WHERE ARE THE COLONIES?!!!! because as far as I see it, there are only 3 larger colonies with actual mixed population where you have quests / can wander around a bit, and one of those colonies looks like it will take years to rebuild....

4) Add some skills to the character classes so they better fit the description. I had a *good* chuckle when I read the description for the infiltrator and found out that it doesn't even have a stealth ability besides being claimed to be "stealthy" in the description :P

Posted by Eranikus at July 20, 2008 1:08 PM

I agree with MegRh, they need to keep it was very difficult for me to choose who died and not just because i was trying to get there achievements.
I would definately like to see more of everything and less mako. Gettin out and runnin around would be a lot more fun.
I also dont think we have to worry about an ME2 Let down like we recieved with KoToR 2. Remeber bioware didnt make that game. They passed the buck so they could start making ME. Also I think Shepard will be an NPC that is created according to your files from ME. The PC will probably be an underling that Shepard personally picks to carry out his missions or some other nonsense. It would be too much I think to have you as a super soldier when you are level 1 .
Cant wait to get my hands on this

Posted by Jason Brown at July 21, 2008 3:30 PM

I think continuing off as whatever Shepard you started with in ME1 is a very good idea. when you see the climax as to where Shepard claims the reapers are still out there somewhere, the game should continue going to maybe the other side of the milky way galaxy, (cause in ME1, it was only on the southeast side.)

Also, there should be a customizable mako as explained before, or maybe space battles with the new and improved Normandy.

I'm also hoping that if you started a romance between any of the characters in the first one, it should continue with them being your second in command.

Posted by Paul at July 28, 2008 1:41 PM

I think (this is just a guess) that maybe your character Shepard will be taken over by the reapers like saren was, since they were both great Spectres and Shepard will be the main antagonist he will have the same look from your character from ME. and we would have to make new character :(

Posted by Dave at August 8, 2008 11:22 PM

I don't care what they do with this new game as long as I can pick up with Shepard and Ash. They had a nice romance LOLOL

Posted by fudgecatnipples at August 9, 2008 8:36 AM

Pretty sure, it will continue where the Epic Saga of Commander Sheppard the first Human Spectre left off. Right after the whole fight between Saren and Sovereign leaves off or in the years following.

I Highly, Uberly, Most Certainly, doubt we will PLAY another Race. If you had not noticed the game Revolves Around the Human Struggles in the Galaxy. So, I doubt there will be at any point you playing as another race.

As far as the story goes, I see it as more in-tune with where the story leaves off. Commander Sheppard Seeking out more information on the impending Xenocidal Doom, and quell it.

Probably revealing even more into the depths of the Geth, Since they were pushing into the Armstrong Nebula, trying to gain a Foothold in Citadel Space.

Also, the possiblity of a conflict with the Terminus Systems, since after all, the mercenaries and soldiers who do "Kill" the most Alliance/Citadel Soldiers, Spectres, etc, do gain the most accolade in their society. And they did mention trying to retake the Verge. Hint, Hint. (Got that from a mission, a little insight.)

As for the import of the character, I am pretty sure, we'd get to keep our old gear, cash, skill points. But we'll have a higher level cap, more skills, better equipment. Those who are well equipped from the Import will be able to, more then likely, be able to skip ahead to a higher difficulty level. (I hope, else my 52 hours of game play feels wasted, completing the game on Insane was intense.)

I'm hoping the Mako will have a better control system. As for the Upgrades or customization, I doubt it. Maybe we'd acquire a new vehicle for armored conflicts, dealing with those pesky Colossus'. (Would make life easier. lolz)

Maybe a new class of weapons. Maybe a form of kinetic anti-vehicle weaponry. Maybe the old fashion beat down stick? (lol, would be awesome.... Assault Rifle Got PWNED by Beat Down Stick!!! Wah!)

I would not be surprised if we get access to the Terminus Systems. Also, since there are Billions or Trillions of Undiscovered planets in the Mass Effect Galaxy as says the Codex, maybe new Nodes will be found and we'd just get to explore more. Never know.

As for the expansion on the Renegade Alternatives, maybe opening up use of Mercenary Trade Ports and such. Would make for some interesting adventures.

I really believe depending on your choices in the Original, like To Kill Wrexy-boo or not, he'll may or may not appear in the sequel. Or to leave Kaiden at the Nuke or Ashley, they may or not appear. As for Liara, depending if you were her love interest, possibly a whole new subplot where your love child is in danger? (hahaha, interesting ideas. *Goes and makes own version of ME2*)

Tali probably will return to the Quarian Floatilla. Since she promised only one tour of duty with the Commander.
Depending if you let the Council die in the Original they may or may be reappearing to be the Weak link in your chain. Or "Council Man" or just Captain Anderson may reappear depending, again, on your decisions.

Garus will more then likely stick around, since he was dying to get out of the Citidel, if I remember right.

So many possibilities for this series.

I love this game, I really have high hopes for it, but, I won't be supprised if Bio-Ware does let us down. I had the same heart-felt hopes for KoToR-2 after 1 was released.

Posted by Laz at August 9, 2008 5:25 PM

i want to be able to kill anybody i want...

Posted by joel at August 11, 2008 5:50 PM

i was really hoping for a mmorpg on the xbox 360 combined with mass effect. i think they could pull it off and it would be sweet. i personally want to own someone with lift lol

Posted by nick at August 12, 2008 8:41 PM

for all u people who want to play as a different speices i dought it will happen because the point of the game was to make the humans a bigger part in the counsil. it just shows u payed no attention 2 the plot of the story

Posted by Jester0476 at August 16, 2008 9:18 PM

yeah i would say its pretty much impossible that they will put non-human playables in mass effect 2 - maybe in mass effect 3 they will but like jester said chats the whole point of mass effect 1.

Posted by Derric at April 18, 2009 12:35 PM
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