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January 24, 2006

Poll: How Many Hours Have You Spent Playing World of Warcraft?

World of Warquest

Tonight I was speaking to a friend who was contemplating quitting World of Warcraft because he was starting to get "bored" with it. So I asked him what level his characters were and it turns out that he has two level 60 characters, one level 50 character, another level 35 character, and several other "miscellaneous" characters. In total he said that he's played around 1500 hours (and he's just starting to get bored?).

The crazy part is that my other friend, who was also present during this discussion and just recently quit WoW, managed to build up three characters to level 60 as well as "at least one character of each class to at least level 35". When I asked him about his timed played he wouldn't give me a definitive answer but he said that "all together it was over 100 days in total".

That's 2400 hours playing just WoW ... and he just quit ... and he said he was going to start it up again when the expansion came out. Wow.

I myself am a mere novice compared to my friends as I've barely logged 400 hours into the game. I don't know about you, but to me spending 400 hours on any one game represents a huge amount of time, but my commitment to WoW pales in comparison to them (as well as most of my friends).

So my question to those out there who are pouring your gaming hours into WoW, how many hours have you spent in the land of Azeroth? (FYI, you can determine your total time playing with any one character by issuing the "/played" command.)

This poll is now closed, but you can view the results.

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Ive spent about 400hours on my 60. And I have a couple of alts around 20-25.
So all up 500+ hours... seriously, it doesnt seem like that long though, and I enjoy so thats what counts.

Posted by Devilmachine at January 24, 2006 01:22 AM

I figure I did about 501 - 750.
First time I played, it was on the beta on my bro's computer. I played for a little bit and wasn't terribly interested.
Then when it actually came out, I played by myself for a bit. Then all my friends joined.
I played for about 3 weeks out of the free month and quit because I was bored.
Then last December, I got back on with my bro. We went to a new server and made two dwarf paladins.
I mostly quit 3 and a half weeks in because I got bored. I then played a few hours now and then to get a little use out of my 2nd month (2 month game card).

I think I really am done this time. Need something fresh.

Posted by Gauphastus at January 24, 2006 01:51 AM

Different people will definatly react differently to the mmo genre, and log in different amounts of play time...but really, if I wasn't playing WoW, I would have put at least 60-90% of the same time into other video games. I do sometimes regret not trying as many games as I used to, but there's a lot in WoW to explore and find and it's still fun for me.

Posted by Cend at January 24, 2006 02:10 AM

You should have had zero in there, aswell. The 1-100 is going to be really skewed if people who don't play answer. I've never played, myself.

Posted by David at January 24, 2006 03:39 AM

In responce to David if you haven't played you shouldn't vote. I haven't played WOW but I've been playing GW and i put in 120 hours over 2 and 1/2 months.

Posted by ilikesanta at January 24, 2006 04:34 AM

I have been playing since February 2005 and have clocked 72 days played time on my main, a level 60 mage. I'm not bored in any way, there's so much to do. My raid group has just recently finished BWL and all the outdoor dragons, looking forward to TAQ next when the gates open.

Posted by Peter at January 24, 2006 04:54 AM

I think WoW's a great game but I really didn't want to put so much time into a game. So I played a 10 trial and did not allow myself to buy the full game.

In the end, when one of my friends comes to school each day and explains each of his new abilities and what level he's achieved, no one cares.

Posted by tmonczko at January 24, 2006 05:03 AM

I would like Blizzard to make a new game similar to WoW but with a different theme. I’d like to have a choice of games to play of the same quality rather than continue playing the same old game.

Also, I have so many friends across different servers who don’t want to give their character up to play together. This causes me to have to level a character on each server. It’s hard to keep up with everyone at the same time. If a new game were to come out, we could probably be more organized and all start on the same server together. You know what I mean?

Anyway, I think I racked up around 40 days across all of my characters before I decided to cancel. I’ll be back again upon release of the expansion as well.

Posted by gamer1 at January 24, 2006 05:43 AM

Sorry Steve, I'm getting tired of this WoW crap. It got boring long ago, and lately it seems it's pretty much the only thing you can talk about.

I think it's time you snap out of it and bring us some really cool gaming stuff!

Posted by P4p3Rc1iP at January 24, 2006 09:28 AM

I used to be a WoW addict. Here is my story.

Posted by Cedric at January 24, 2006 09:43 AM

Theres a mod out called "Titan (All Played)" that adds on a field to titan bar (another mod) that adds up all your played times on all your characters.
58 days here.

And yes, badly spelt paperclip has a point about your recent obsession with WOW Steve, I'm used to a wider range of subjects from you. However, I also appreciate your reasonably different and distinct approach to the subject so it still has a point for me, just dont forget the other stuff!

Posted by Tedles at January 24, 2006 10:24 AM

To the comment above me, I don't think GamingSteve tries to cater to one person. Obviously, many people are still interested in WoW or there wouldn't be so many comments. I'm sorry you're bored with it but trying to "set GamingSteve straight" seems out of place to me.

As for me, I don't recall how many hours I put into WoW. It must have been a lot. According to Xfire it has only been 57 hours but I know that's wrong. I didn't use Xfire when I played WoW. There wasn't much point in doing so. I had a 60, 46, 40, and a few others so it had to be at least 501-750 hours. A big factor in me quitting was because it was consuming too much of my time. So is the nature of a MMORPG though, isn't it?

Posted by n10sity at January 24, 2006 11:15 AM

I got bored of the game at level 20... it's just so repetitive... quit soon afterwards too.

Posted by FTH at January 24, 2006 11:32 AM

I am a pretty avid gamer. When I learned about the emergence of MMO's a few years back, I swore never to play one. This article is the reason for that. I realized that if I started, I would never want to stop. Personally, I find it sad that MMO's are the Next Big Thing, because it means other genres will probably have less creativity and innovation in the coming years.

I don't mean this as an insult to MMO's; I have been checking out Guild Wars, and it almost makes me salivate to see such a beautifully realized virtual universe. (I've avoided WOW entirely for a similar reason.) But it seems that almost everybody (two thirds, according to this poll) who gets sucked into an MMO ends up dedicating hundreds or thousands of hours to it. With most games, even if I do get sucked in, I finish the game in a couple of days, the spell is broken, and I get back to reality.

I love video games, but the day I spend more of my life in a virtual world than I do in the real world is a sad day indeed.

Posted by Jeremy at January 24, 2006 11:47 AM

Not many for me as I only played for a few weeks before I got bored. I think I need something more exciting than WoW...

Posted by SC at January 24, 2006 11:48 AM

I demand a 0 hours option!

Posted by Mortomes at January 24, 2006 02:22 PM

Yeah, I should have included a zero hour option. Something that I thought of a bit too late (I can't change the poll options without resetting the poll).

Sorry about that, it was the first poll on the board, next time I'll make sure to include all options.

Posted by Gaming Steve at January 24, 2006 02:36 PM

um theres now 0 option for the WoW haters lol

Posted by Yoyort at January 24, 2006 03:12 PM

Yeah, need a 0 option for those of us smart enough to not even start such a game ;)

Posted by T-BirD at January 24, 2006 03:57 PM

I've never played the game. I don't care how good it is, monthly fees = no.

Posted by Sub at January 24, 2006 04:11 PM

I have about 1000 hours played over a couple characters. I really enjoy the game emmensely. If 15 bucks a month allows me to have this much fun I don't see what the problem is. I love the fact how much money I save by not buying other games, seeing movies, etc.... because honestly nothing else interests me anymore. Hundres and thousands of hours of entertainment in one game, how could you ask for more? With the expansion and patches there will be even more content. To have the most fun you really have to join a good guild and develop meaningful relationships with people. Its all about collective teamwork. I love it. Massive Multiplayer Online, if you don't think that is the future of gaming then you are just being stubborn and living in the past. Please try to keep an open mind and try things on for size.

BTW - Keep talking about the greatness of WoW and other MMO's Steve. Why should you waste your time on anything less? I love your shows!!!

Posted by Paul at January 24, 2006 04:23 PM

I quit when i had a 43 char and no other char above 20 i think that is less than 100 if you played 400 and you have a lvl 60.

Posted by patrick at January 24, 2006 06:49 PM

I know i spend 3600+ hours on Dark age of Camelot when i played that. I'll guess about 500+.

I play a dam load of mmorpg.

Posted by Tarious at January 24, 2006 09:03 PM

This game is completely stupid. I know friends who lie to their parents that "Yes mom, I studied for finals" and then they call me to try to come over and play WoW for a sleepover (that's 14 hrs of wow) and then play more in the morning. One of my teachers even turned down 4 different dates because he was "Having a night out with the guys on WoW, I gotta get lvl 60 Bonecrusher Axe by tonight so I can go kill Onyxia!!! lol!" OK, he didn't say the "lol" but everything he did say. Fact: he is a complete loser. This game is stupid.

Posted by Romanian at January 24, 2006 09:07 PM

I hate wow, and most MMOs since they are just sor boring! I hate the questing system because it's all the same things, and somthimes the same monsters! I just hate the idea of questing, or missions or whatever you call it! Why not an FPS? Why not generate random enviorments and instances, fill them with appropriate enemies, and shart shooting.

Posted by OmniOck at January 24, 2006 10:33 PM

I've had two major stints of playing WoW. Both times I played constantly for about a month and a half before I got tired of it. Both times my play went like this: started a new character, played it until about level 45, got bored with said charcter, started several alts to goof around with until I felt ready to go back to my old character, never felt ready, cancelled my account.

I don't know what it is, but once I get to level 40 or so, I just get really bored with what the game becomes. All in all I'd say that I've logged about 400-500 hours on the game.

Posted by Bill at January 25, 2006 12:16 AM

Im the class leader of a powerful guild on magtheridon and all i realy have to say it this.

Once you get to level 60 if your in a MC doing guild (who can do a good job) you realy only need to spend at most 10 hours a week playing. But I have also ceased my addiction and have built up a tolerance to WoW so I barley even play 10 hours a week.

Posted by Sychon at January 25, 2006 12:20 AM

I have logged, 45 days on my 53 Warrior.

WoW is a phenomenon. 5 mill players. Grats Blizz on making such a fun game :)

Posted by Gino at January 25, 2006 03:43 AM

I have played zero hours, and have little intention of changing that. I don't have enough hours in the day to invest in such a thing, especially rounding up a party for an organized raid, and I am also one of those losers that boycotts subscription fees for games. Which still leaves me with Guild Wars (and now, Planetside) if I wish to get into MMOing at some point in the future.

Posted by w0rf at January 25, 2006 01:05 PM

If I didn't play WoW, I probably wouldn't be gaming at all(or going months without gaming, anyway). There are just so few games out there that interest me. Oblivion is coming up, which will likely end my WoW playing for a few weeks, but after that? I'll likely go back to it until NWN2 or Spore comes out :)

Posted by Derella at January 25, 2006 04:58 PM

The only fun part about WoW is making it. I am part of a free server, and I help out with the coding (free servers are not ilegal, check out my post on the Play WoW For Free? section). It is fun to randomly spawn crazy beasts in random areas :-) And I actually have a life, unlike most of the people I know who play WoW. I actually have a lot of friends that are of the opposite sex, and a lot of the same sex. This would make me "popular". My friends are complete losers in the school, and this is because all they talk about is WoW. The game is also a social killer, as well as a time killer.

Posted by Romanian at January 25, 2006 07:01 PM

Havent played WoW, but I have put about 2500 hours in City of Heroes and Villains, in the 10½ months that it's been available in the EU.

Posted by MaXimillion at January 26, 2006 09:00 AM

I hate WoW. Boring. It's the only thing people talk about.

Posted by Max Lawlor at January 26, 2006 01:40 PM

I have played just over 70 hours on 3 characters. I have been playing for 2 to 3 weeks now. I have played on my main for 48 hours. (Kzadbhat on the Lightninghoof server)

Posted by Kishmond at January 26, 2006 06:33 PM

Just a comment, World of Warcrafts has been out for 431 days. That times 24 hours in a day equals 10344 hours. If your one of the people who has played WOW for 2500+ hours you have been playing it during 1/4 of your time sense it has come out.


Posted by Jolo99 at January 28, 2006 04:51 PM

I dont understand why so many people are afraid or against a monthly fee. You can cancel it when you stop playing, and to be honest the monthly fee is incredibly cheap if you play a few hours a day on average. Compare the hourly rate to a movie or a new single player game which has perhaps 40hrs playtime involved.

Anyone who is in the "must play" (addicted) stage with a MMO, and has spare time will spend most of it playing, and will enjoy it. All for $15/month.

In my experience with both early EQ and early WoW, the game is so attractive that going to movies, parties or watching tv are all boring by comparison, so you stop doing them, or do them far less.

As for buying & trying other games - forget it. I have this theory that this is whats causing a downturn in the sales of games, not so much the Xbox 360 etc as Steve has mentioned, but the sheer number of people in MMO's who just are not interested in anything else. I think Steve may have mentioned this before too.
It certainly applies to my friends who are all still into WoW.

Posted by Rob_NZ at January 28, 2006 05:34 PM

Right...does anybody else think that's a bad thing? Like, we have a whole group of gamers who are losing interest in any other type of game. As Steve says, businesses go where the money is, so doesn't it scare anyone that MMO's might seriously hamper innovation in all other genres?

Posted by Jeremy at January 28, 2006 06:35 PM

I think your poll might skew towards fewer hours than it should since all the really hardcore players can't be bothered to log out and do things like browse the internet.

I'm guessing I've put in somewhere in the 250-500 hour range and still no where near bored.

Posted by Tara at January 31, 2006 12:06 AM

I have probably spent about 90 hours on the game, but I have only had it for a month. On average, I spend about 3 hours a day on WoW, but sometimes less. I'm totally addicted to it, and I have managed to raise a level 30 night elf druid so far. I can really relate to the comic above, as my Mum nags me constantly about it, but I can't stop playing lol. Anyhoo, the addiction hasn't worn off so far, mainly because of the awesome raids and battlegrounds, plus simply meeting lots of new people with the same interest. It is a great game, but I can understand why it may be a little too involved and/or repetitive for some gamers.

Posted by Max at January 31, 2006 01:35 PM

9 hours a day during work + 5-6 hours a night raiding 4 times a week. Add in the 10+ hours each weekend for a total of 75 hours playing a week. I have been playing since 2 weeks after release. Was I addicted? Yes. Is the game all consuming? Yes. Did I give it up? Just this week I did. Life has been great since then, more time to work, more time to be with the wife.

I suggest to anyone addicted to this game to give it up. My account is being sold soon. Had some serious fun, but that time is now over. :)

Posted by Terranos at February 3, 2006 02:15 PM