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July 05, 2005

Rehab Clinic for Gamers Opened

Gaming with BabyYou know gaming has finally come into it's own when the world's first Rehab clinic for gamers just opened in China. According the Associated Press report the clinic is officially licensed by the Chinese government an is located near the Beijing Military Central Hospital. The patients -- most of whom are between the ages of 14 and 24 -- are looked after by a team of 23 nurses and doctors. Many say that their addiction to gaming grew out of a wish to relieve everyday stress and pressure from parents to perform well academically.

Treatment sessions begin at 6am every day and consist of therapy sessions, medication, acupuncture, and exercise. Patients also spend time hooked up to a machine which stimulates nerve endings receiving 30 volt electric shocks to pressure points, and are intravenously fed a clear liquid said to "adjust the unbalanced status of brain secretions". Officials refused to reveal any more information about the medication.

A stay at the clinic costs $48 per day -- more than twice the average weekly wage for a Beijing citizen -- and the course of treatment generally lasts for between 10-15 days.

This might sound funny on the surface, but I have personally known of dozens of people who failed out of college because they were addicted to MUDs and MOOs back in the 1980s. And my roommate from sophomore year had to repeat a semester of work because he was addicted to Dragon Warrior for the NES. With the likes of World of Warcraft and Everquest I can only imagine how much worse this has gotten over the years.

Heck, I consider myself a hard core/jaded gamer and I myself was hopeless addicted to WOW for two months solid. And to this day I have friends that I never see because they would rather play WOW than go out and do things in the "real world". I wonder how long before 60 Minutes/Oprah does a show on this very real problem...

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Jesus Christmas..... I hate stuff like this...

People that need a clinic are the people that give all us other gamers a bad name.

I know it is a serious problem, but what bothers me is that everyone always focuses on the negatives of gaming and the few cases in which it gets out of hand and compleatly ignores that huge majority that has no problems and never will.

Ah well...


Posted by PatMan33 at July 5, 2005 03:41 PM

Well, I think personally It has to do with the extremely stressful lives eastern people tend to live. I mean, you don't see any need for this kind of thing in the (realativly) more relaxed ya if this does appear on one of those programs they'll convieniantly leave these facts out.

Also reduces the credability of all those eastern relaxant treatments mind :)

Posted by Indum at July 5, 2005 05:13 PM

Personally, I think people use games as an escape from reality and if you're becoming addicted to them, it's likely you need to change something in you're everyday life.

Posted by Danzik at July 5, 2005 05:19 PM

My parents showed me an article on this in the newspaper the other day. It appeared to me that I seemed like thems people, but I read the article and thems people seemed alot worse than me. I hardly play at all compared to some people I know, and they all (mostly) seem fine to me. Personally, I think people play games not to escape from the stress of the real world and stuff, but just to have fun.

I could go on and on, but I dont want to cause I'm gonna go have a snack.

Posted by MetallicDragon at July 5, 2005 06:32 PM

I've read in Science magazine about many cognitive and skill benefits gained from gaming, the studies seemed to suggest they developed talents that not only carried over from game to game, but also into professional and everyday tasks.

Of course -- in my opinion -- when done with no sense of moderation, the negatives outweigh the positives. The rule of diminishing returns applies to life in general, if you do any one thing too much you're going to be underdeveloping other skills.

If we put as much time into stamp-collecting or watching football as we do videogames, we'd be really sad, pathetic folks.

Posted by Stromko at July 6, 2005 01:52 AM

*Tries to find old NES to play Dragon Warrior*

Posted by Psilontech at July 6, 2005 02:28 AM

Well this is an extremely slow summer.

Anyways $48 a day is a bit much and for full treatment it would be $480-$720.

Won't be long till u see one of these in the USA.

Posted by Tarious at July 6, 2005 04:02 AM

Who do you take us for?

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Now Gaming addiction clinics in an article.


Really I'm doing fine! I game for 20 hours tops a day.. that leaves 4 whole hours a day for social interaction! I meet a load of people in my dreams. Last I even met Mario and I dined once with the Prince of Persia. I'm doing OK!

LOL Anyway anything people do, gets overdone by some, be it drinking, watching telly, sports, eating vitamins ect. But you're right now that more people game more people get problems... still the % will be about the same.

Posted by CustodianV131 at July 6, 2005 05:29 AM

Denial is the first sign.... :p

Posted by thrAsher at July 6, 2005 10:33 AM

I would consider myself addicted to games, but I still go to work, spend time with my family, and do other things to pass the time. I just find most of my social interaction at work or on mmorpg's. Personally i see this becoming more and more common, where people move there social circles online instead of in real life. It just seems games are the new thing for people to harp on. Most things there is someone thats addicted to it.

Posted by Salvatorus at July 7, 2005 01:09 AM

where to start...i love videogames and hate them at the same time. i love them b/c they are fun nd addicting but i hate them b/c they ruin ur social life and make u dumber + a loser in school...atleast i'm not a loser yet, games are fine the way they are, people just have to learn to controll the time they play, go outside, get some new friends and hangout and do stuff

Posted by Jack-addicted World of Warcraft player... at December 14, 2005 09:49 PM

I have a daughter that is 19. She's always been very mature for her age and was a high honors student. She graduated with a 4.11 gpa from highschool and was offered a chance of a lifetime to attend the college of her choice. Her first year there, a college friend...friend indeed...bought her this game...World of Warcraft. From that point on, she rarely ever left her dorm room, switched off her cell phone and refused to return phone calls...because she couldn't be "bothered" with people calling her. Her grades hit rock bottom and she lost all of her scholarships. Now she's back at home and spends hours on end at the library playing this game. The next step will be to take her laptop away from her all together. I know she's legally an adult, but I'm also FOREVER her mother, and her best welfare is at heart here. I can't lose her to some stupid game. The makers of WOW have made a nice, fat fortune off of our children and now we have a generation coming on that think games and gaming are first and foremost the important things in life, and social interaction comes in a distant second. None of her friends from school want to hang out with her anymore because ALL she wants to discuss is WOW...and more often than not, she can't hang out with them because she's too engrossed in her game.
Denial is the first reaction...I hope and pray that those with this addiction will seek help or have someone that cares enough about them to take matters in hand themselves.
I'm a mom on a mission now, and hope to be able to save my daughter from this alternate universe she's being pulled in to.

Posted by mom on a mission at August 24, 2006 08:29 AM

dang... i think im addicted to wow... wtf! i play when i have time, i play when i have things left to do, i play when im bored, i play when i can, i play. does this mean im addicted? o.o like all together mabe 20-25 hours a week?

Posted by Bdon at October 10, 2006 02:55 AM

Judging by my boyfriend's family, I'd say WOW is taking over people's lives. They get up 4 hours before necessary to play, they play all night, leaving the house to become nasty, and then complain that the house is messy. They totally ignore anything anyone says, sometimes not even realizing the person is even home, they have visitors over for the weekend and play with the visitor, on Thanksgiving, even. They don't do homework cause they play all night. ETC ETC. It's ridiculous. There are many more rewarding things you could do then sit on your ass and do something that is totally pointless to life. Sure, play the game for an hour a night, or something, but not almost every free minute you have. Get out and enjoy life!! Go to China and go to the clinic... it probably costs the same as it does for your subscription and cost of the game over your lifetime. Thanks!

Posted by Kat at November 29, 2006 03:49 PM