Eye Of Flame BeholderSince I’ve been gone for a little while I decided to make this show a bit special. Not only do I have a great guest but I have my biggest contest yet where you can win a free next-gen game console! That’s right, a brand new console, as well as other great prizes, and all you have to do is listen to the show!

And in celebration of National Dice Day I have a great interview with Christopher Perkins from Wizards of the Coast. Chris and I geek out and talk about Dungeon & Dragons new 4th Edition and it’s upcoming transition into the online world. Enjoy the show!

Gaming Steve Episode 64 Program

  • 00:03:29 Game News:
    • Mario Galaxy is the fastest-selling Mario … ever!
    • Deus Ex 3 slips out of the bag.
    • Nintendo’s Virtual Console sells $33 million. Is that a lot?
    • Nintendo moves a million systems in a week.
    • Grand Theft Auto IV: box art now, trailer later, game much much later.
    • Sony signs new ad agency, a lot of people lose their jobs.
    • Activision and Blizzard join forces to take over the World of Gaming.
    • Gamespot editor fired over Kane & Lynch review?
  • 00:48:33 Interview: Christopher Perkins, Story Design Manager RPGs/Minis R&D from Wizards of the Coast.
  • 01:50:19 Game Review: The Witcher for the PC.
  • 01:58:19 Name That Game: My biggest contest yet where you can win a free next-gen console!
  • 02:02:23 Show Mail: I answer your email and audio questions.
  • 02:26:00 Final Thoughts: I talk about the future of the show.

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