GDC 2007I’m Not Dead Yet! Yes everyone, I am back and I figured that since I started doing the show at GDC 2005 it was appropriate to resume with the start of GDC 2007.

Today I recap the day’s events and the pivotal Sony keynote and just like last year I am sharing the mic with a fellow blogger/podcaster Gamer Andy from Gamer Andy. Enjoy everyone!

Gaming Steve Episode 60 Program

  • Game Developers Conference Day 1 Recap
    • Andy and I talk about the excellent Sony keynote and the new Home system.
    • Will a great keynote be enough to turn the press to Sony’s favor?
    • We discuss the incredible-looking LittleBigWorld game as well as SingStar Online.
    • Why are publishers looking for a strong leader and why do they hate the Wii so much?
    • And where does this all leave Microsoft and the Xbox 360?

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