Louis Castle and Peter MooreNow this is a show! I got Peter Moore, I got a preview of the first RTS for the Xbox 360, I got a review of the Nintendo DS, I got an interview with the godfather of RTS, Louis Castle, I got you a detailed overview of Microsoft Game Studios in Seattle … I got a lot. Enough with the talk, on with the show!

Gaming Steve Episode 56 Program

  • 00:03:15 Game News:
    • Dungeons & Dragons Online goes solo.
    • Wii price and date to be announced … by September.
    • EVE Online invades China big time.
    • Dragon’s Lair goes HD.
    • Blizzard making everything into an MMO?
    • DS Lite sells 136k in first two days.
    • Tim Schafer demands 360-compatible Psychonauts.
    • Spore spreads to mobile phones (again).
    • Lara Croft is coming back.
    • Microsoft is working on a handheld … what exactly?
  • 00:31:54 Interview: Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division. Oh yeah, and he also runs something called the Xbox 360.
  • 01:07:36 Game Preview: The Battle for Middle Earth II for the Xbox 360.
  • 01:22:56 Interview: Louis Castle, Vice President of Creative Development for Electronic Arts and the creator of such classics as Dune II and Command & Conquer.
  • 01:34:56 Review: Nintendo DS Lite.
  • 01:41:25 “Name That Game!” contest winner from last week, a new clip, and the always cool prize!
  • li

  • 01:45:34 Show Mail: I answer your audio questions.
  • 02:19:23 Final Thoughts: Digital download is just awesome.

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