Heroes of Might & Magic VWow, I asked you to send me your questions about E3, and did you ever! I do my best to plow through all of your questions and comments about E3. I also have a crazy interview with Cliffy B from Epic Games, Lead Designer of the upcoming Gears of War. Enjoy!

Gaming Steve Episode 54 Program

  • 00:02:00 Game News:
    • Phantom CEO charged with pump and dump.
    • Xbox Live downloads crazy popular.
    • Dell opts for AMD chip.
    • Study downplays link of video games to violence.
    • DS Lite Euro release date set.
    • The Wizard is coming! The Wizard is coming!
    • Kill Curt Schilling (in EverQuest that is).
  • 00:24:46 Interview: Cliff Bleszinski (AKA Cliffy B) from Epic Games, Lead Designer of the upcoming Gears of War for the Xbox 360.
  • 00:41:08 Game Review: Heroes of Might and Magic V for the PC.
  • 00:48:28 “Name That Game!” contest winner from last week, a new clip, and the always cool prize!
  • 00:51:10 Show Mail: I answer a ton of audio questions about E3.
  • 01:47:14 Final Thoughts: The last E3 wrap-up, I hope.

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