E3 Expo 2006 Day 3Today I have the craziest show I have ever done. Not only do I recap this year’s E3 but I have a whopping six interviews from the show floor … AKA “The Super Interview Spectacular Show”. Enjoy!

Gaming Steve Episode 53 Program

  • E3 2006 Day 3 Recap
    • 00:00:49 Detailed hands-on preview of the Wii, its games, and a detailed report of too many games to list from the show floor.
    • 00:33:41 Super quick interview with Will Wright about Spore.
    • 00:34:33 Interview with Tim Train, VP of Operations and Development of Big Huge Games about the newly released Rise of Legends for the PC.
    • 00:53:34 Interview with Paul Sage, Lead Designer of Tabula Rasa from NCSoft.
    • 01:02:12 Interview with Mark Tucker, Lead Designer of Dungeon Runners from NCSoft.
    • 01:09:54 Interview with Michael Khaimzon, Lead Designer of Crysis from Crytek.
    • 01:16:25 Interview with Kevin Unangst, Director of Global Marketing for Games for Windows from Microsoft.
    • 01:30:06 Final wrap-up of the E3 2006.

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