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Here it is, part two of my interview with gaming legend Will Wright where we talk more about Spore. In addition to the interview I also cover:

  • Sony ships 90 milllllllllion PS2s.
  • Microsoft just loves losing money on the Xbox.
  • Anti-game bill nearly law.
  • Nintendogs causes DS sales to soar.
  • Blizzard keeps on banning.
  • GameTalk: How to get a job in the game industry.
  • SporeTalk: Part two of my interview with Will Wright (Warning: This is pretty hard to understand, but the complete interview transcript is listed as well).
  • In-depth review of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the GameBoy Advance.
  • RetroReview: Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64.
  • “Name That Game!” contest winner from last week and a new clip.
  • Plus some more random thoughts on the future of PC gaming.

Get the podcast from this page (87 minutes): Gaming Steve Episode 14.

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