World of WarcraftHey all, if you downloaded the podcast which was up for the first few hours it was missing the sound effect for the “Name That Game!” contest. This has been fixed and the new podcast has the sound effect. Now back to the show!

Another crazy week, another crazy podcast. Here’s the latest and greatest where I cover:

  • The future of the web site.
  • A bit of Spore stuff.
  • The PSP launch.
  • Why are Xboxes catching on fire?
  • EA gets pounded.
  • GameTalk: Should game designers unionize?
  • Quicktake on the new God of War for PS2.
  • In-depth review of World of Warcraft for the PC.
  • “Name That Game!” contest winners from last week, a new clip, and format for this week.
  • Interview preview.
  • Plus more of my random thoughts.

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