Spore CreaturesWow, what a week! Just a few days ago this site didn’t even exist. Then I go to GDC, record some thoughts, talk about Will Wright’s Spore and the site explodes. Now reaching close to 25,000 visitors since Monday I made sure to get the new podcast up nice and fast where I talk about — what else — Spore, and answer the dozen or so questions I got over the week. So without further ado, here is the latest podcast of Gaming Steve:

In this show I personally thank everyone who has come to the site and given me their support and great comments. In the News segment I talk about the PSP and its big launch next week. In Gametalk I answer about a dozen different questions I got over the week about Spore. So once again I talk about Spore in extreme detail and try to answer all the various questions I got over the week. Next, I introduce the “Name That Game!” weekly contest where I play three different tunes for you to try and identify. Be the first one to tell me what they are and win a $20 gift certificate to Amazon!

In Reviews I take on Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube. Sure it’s a great game, but just how great is it? And what makes this Resident Evil so different from those in the past? And finally I talk a bit about the upcoming Jade Empire for the Xbox and give you some inside dirt about the game.

Also make sure to check out the new Spore Forum.

Get the podcast from this page: Gaming Steve Episode 4.

Enter the “Name That Game!” contest on this board.

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