GDC_01.jpgToday was the first day of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) began and I try to cover all the madness. This is my 6th GDC and in this first podcast I talk about the differences from this year and past years.

I also cover “ConfQuest,” the real-world massively multiplayer RPG I’m playing at the GDC, Microsoft’s keynote (will they unveil Xbox 2?), the “Game Design Challenge” where Clint Hocking, Peter Molyneux, and Will Wright try to design a game based upon the life of Emily Dickinson, Peter Molyneux’s new games, an interesting speech by Raph Koster, boozing it up on the Expo floor, the GDC Awards ceremony, and so much more.

Get the podcast here: Gaming Steve at the GDC Day 1.

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